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Journal Toreo asesino's Journal: Ms Client Platform

As it turns out, the client offerings from Microsoft aren't doing so bad after all.

To summarise, Office 2007 is doing the best with the new interface proving to be far less a learning curve than originally feared (in fact people find it much easier - shock/horror/etc)
Vista still isn't doing so well of course, I expect because of the incompatibilities that are still being ironed out.

Of course none of this is particularly news as such. Neither product was going to fail, being market leaders and so on. Maybe one day Linux will be a threat to Windows and OOffice a threat to MS Office (which I find far less likely), but not for now it would appear. Vista has been slow in the uptake, doubtless, but that's Microsoft's own fault for releasing it too early and expecting people to believe "it will just work". Better late than never.

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Ms Client Platform

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