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Comment Keep it balanced (Score 1) 1105

There are a bunch of liberal perspectives arguing that scalia should be replaced with a liberal. But this will dramatically unbalance the court. Set your political views aside for a moment and recognize that the best situation that can exist is when the court is truly balanced--the nation has people of different perspectives. Not everybody agrees with you, and having a highest court that represents this diversity is the most open minded approach.

I frankly would hope that Obama's integrity would be such that he would nominate somebody with conservative values, just like Scalia, to replace the conservative seat he represented.

Comment The real charges as of right now (much higher) (Score 1) 188

I was just looking at a contract to be a vendor at a conference center in Indianapolis with internet managed by Smart City. $80 doesn't begin to describe their costs.

For a SINGLE computer on their network with shared bandwidth the base price is $895. Each additional device is $185.

If you want dedicated bandwidth it gets ridiculous. For 10Mbps they expect you to pay $9,810. I did not accidentally add a digit, that is nearly $10,000 for a single conference's internet access for a vendor.

Smart City is suppressing wifi not because of the random users, but because they have a strangle-hold on the vendors who want to show their wares, and everything is internet connected nowdays.

Comment ACLU only interested in pushing their agenda (Score 2) 275

My sister had a drunk altercation with her GF in Missoula MT (her own mistake, which she admits to and is working through alcoholic counseling for). The problem was the legal side spiraled out of control into a soap opera tale of good-ole-boy corruption you would only expect to see in prime time. It included collusion with the Judge, the city, and a police officer who effectively was stalking and harassing her. They slapped a restraining order on her, limiting her from visiting the house she owned, because her GF was still there, yet they wouldn't serve her any paperwork explaining the limitations of the ban, and then waited for her to appear so they could arrest her again (this is just one of numerous things they tried). Very much abuse (long sordid tale). ACLU didn't want to touch it, even though it was clear American Civil Liberties were being infringed upon because of the city's actions (through judicial and police force). She lost thousands and thousands of dollars in damages to her house and property because of the overt shenanigans of the city, but nobody cared. She doesn't have enough to afford anything beyond a public defender who isn't worth the air the breathe (would miss appointments, etc).

Long and short, the ACLU is a sham.

Comment Hamas are Terrorists (Score -1, Flamebait) 402

Why is it our media (even this post) always seems to portray Hamas in a positive light?

This conflict would end the SECOND Hamas stopped their aggression. The moment Hamas stops shooting, IDF stops shooting, period. Hamas lies and has no moral honor, they betray everything, and want nothing less than to wipe other people off the face of the earth. How is that humanitarian and moral? And yet the western media doesn't portray that side of the story!

Comment Re:Global Warming != Human Caused Global Warming (Score 1) 401

You completely missed the point of my argument, which is that arguing if it is human caused or not is MISSING the point. We should be good stewards of the earth because it is RIGHT, not because of some weak correlations.

However, to respond to your argument, it is quite simple: Correlation does not equal Causation.

There have been many predictions made in the last 100 years, all across the spectrum (from frozen to heated). We cannot just cherry pick what predictions we like, and then claim "see, they were right!"

Fact: The current climate is in a warming trend.
Fact: The sun is hotter now than it was.
Fact: Mars is warmer now than it was.

Do we have enough evidence to say the climate change is warming because of the sun? NO. For the same reason we don't have enough evidence to say it is human caused. The fact of the matter we are talking geological times, and we need thousands of years of measurements to truly understand geological trends. We don't have that. We cannot get that in any reliable means.

So cut it already with the fallacious arguments, and lets get on with being good stewards, because it is the right thing to do.

Comment Global Warming != Human Caused Global Warming (Score 2) 401

Everybody can agree the climate is changing, in a warming trend. However, the breakdown in logic is the immediate correlation that it must be human caused. The fact of the matter is the world's climate changes all the time, in massive geological cycles.

We must be good stewards of our planet, this is also undeniable.

The problem I have with "Global Warming" fanatics, is they have flawed logic (human caused) an then go into bizarre, egregious means to deal with it like carbon credits, and whatnot. The fact of the matter is we should definitely work to be more responsible for our world--but NOT because it is in a warming trend. We should do it simply because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. By disassociating the reason from morality, and tying it to a flawed premise (human caused) we are hurting the entire effort--and meanwhile corporations and the government continue to act irresponsibly.

I'm for rational, logical use of our planet. We are creatures of this planet, just like every other creature. We should treat it carefully, only using our share. We are not here to "preserve" the planet, as it is here to be used. But we should use it properly, wisely, and in a manner that helps future generations of all planetary denizens (human and all others).

Submission + - Utah Legislature moves to shutdown NSA Datacenter (

Tora writes: Utah Legislature is discussing a bill which would prohibit the state from supporting any entity which violates constitutional rights, such as the fourth amendment. Because of this, the water required to run the NSA datacenter would be prohibited until the NSA complied with constitutional laws for citizens.

Comment People are against Change, not Creativity (Score 3, Insightful) 377

The article is close, but just barely misses the mark.

People don't mind creativity on its surface, but what they dislike is the change that inevitably comes from it. People resist change, for all the reasons outlined in the article. People like things to stay the same, not change. And creativity drives change.

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