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Comment Re: Why are we surprised? (Score 2) 233

Scott Adams (Dilbert) has seen some of his tweets about Trump go invisible to his followers so he has been instead using the word "Kittens" in tweets that link to his blog entries about Trump. There also is some evidence of Twitter dropping peoples followers in order to keep them under certain thresholds.

Comment Re:Not an overbooking incident (Score 1) 575

The way I heard it: First they offered $400 and a flight credit, no takers. Then they offered $800 and a flight credit, still no takers. Then they announced the computer would be picking 4 people at random. Three people took the offer. The fourth passenger was forcibly removed at random.

Comment Re: The wage gap myth continues... (Score 2, Insightful) 142

Because they aren't breaking it down by job. Hispanic women are paid half of white men because of the types of jobs they are working. I have read that when broken down by job/experience levels that the difference is around 3% and that in certain jobs women actually make more. The largest gaps are in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, two of the most liberal job markets in the country.

Comment All about Trump (Score 1) 77

That was a badly written story, most of it was about how Hawking hates Trump. Not much about his upcoming space flight. It should have had some information about when VG expects to be able to launch the first trip with paying customers. For all we know, Hawking will be long dead by then.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

Most people would agree Climate Change is real. The biggest question is what percent is due to humans and what percent is due to natural cycles. The other big question is how much of the human contribution is from CO2 and how much is from other human causes like deforestation. Current science doesn't have a good answer for these questions. The pro-Climate Changers insist/assume that 100% of it comes from human caused increases in CO2. 100% of anything coming from one source is very unlikely. Just a few days ago a story came out that scientists found that 50% of the reduction in arctic ice is due to natural cycles.

Comment Re:delusional scientists and movement (Score 1) 481

Talk about delusional, we have Neil Degrass Tyson supporting the human caused global warming alarm-ism and saying that the universe is likely just a simulation. If we are in a simulation, does it matter if the earth is screwed? The entity running the simulation could decide to reboot anytime they want.

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