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Comment All about Trump (Score 1) 77

That was a badly written story, most of it was about how Hawking hates Trump. Not much about his upcoming space flight. It should have had some information about when VG expects to be able to launch the first trip with paying customers. For all we know, Hawking will be long dead by then.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

Most people would agree Climate Change is real. The biggest question is what percent is due to humans and what percent is due to natural cycles. The other big question is how much of the human contribution is from CO2 and how much is from other human causes like deforestation. Current science doesn't have a good answer for these questions. The pro-Climate Changers insist/assume that 100% of it comes from human caused increases in CO2. 100% of anything coming from one source is very unlikely. Just a few days ago a story came out that scientists found that 50% of the reduction in arctic ice is due to natural cycles.

Comment Re:delusional scientists and movement (Score 1) 481

Talk about delusional, we have Neil Degrass Tyson supporting the human caused global warming alarm-ism and saying that the universe is likely just a simulation. If we are in a simulation, does it matter if the earth is screwed? The entity running the simulation could decide to reboot anytime they want.

Comment Destination Unknown (Score 1) 139

I watched the episode and they tested a theory that he didn't actually jump out of the plane, he just jumped up and down to make it seem like he did. He then waited until the approach into Reno which is flat and covered by scrub brush. He took two of the four chutes so he could have thrown one of the chutes and some money as a diversion. One problem I had with this theory is that he wouldn't have known ahead of time that they would go to Reno. He had requested Mexico but they ran low on fuel due to flying at low altitude.

Comment Re:No Grid Penetration (Score 1) 574

I'm a former employee of a different electric utility in Vermont. If this were really a state sponsored attack on the grid, Vermont would be the absolutely the worst place to attack first. We only have two connections to the outside world and they are for incoming power only. The utility in this story only serves the city of Burlington so is one of the smaller utilities in the state.

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