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Comment Re:Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 375

I suggest you view the birth certificate on the white house website and zoom in on the last digit of the serial number. It was obviously added in later on a computer. That doesn't mean that the whole thing is fake but it could lead to doubts. I wonder if Obama was purposely evasive prior to releasing it so that his enemies could more easily be made fun of or he just didn't want anyone to find out that he claimed foreign birth on his Harvard application.

Comment Re:Wacky? Maybe, but at least he's got vision. (Score 0) 289

If you look closely at the birth certificate on the White House website, it has been altered. The last digit of the serial number was added on. You can easily tell because it is multi-colored while the characters actually on the paper original are all black. This was probably done in a lame attempt to deter hackers from getting his records from the state databases. The more likely scenario is that he was born in Hawaii but claimed Kenya on his college application so he could get preferential treatment.

Comment How music contracts work (Score 0) 131

In most cases the band's contract has the music company giving them an advance and then the music company charges them for expenses. Then as payments come in from sales, the band is paid their percentage once any unpaid expenses are subtracted. The music company percentage in the contract is pure profit.

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