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Comment Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (Score 2) 1330

Exactly! It is a benefit and the employee chooses how and when to use it. An employer should have no say over that. Otherwise, what's next? You can't receive your paycheck if you are going to spend it on sinful alcohol and gambling? Those go against the strongly held moral beliefs of your employer!

Comment Claiming privacy for public actions? (Score 1, Insightful) 220

I guess I'm just not seeing what the big deal is with Google scanning and recording MAC addresses and SSID's. These are being broadcast in the open such that anyone driving by can see them. How is this an infringement of privacy? It is akin to undressing while standing in your front yard and then complaining when the neighbors watch you.

Comment Re:Get Your History Right (Score 1) 211

I'm opposed because it is too easily abused. Job security should be based on your skill set and what you can contribute not based on how long you've been there. I work with staff daily whose skill set is 10+ years out of date and they have no interest in learning anything new since they are 5 years or so from retirement. Butthey have seniority so the skilled employees are the ones who are being laid off. Believe me, management would love to keep the skilled staff, but they have no choice.

Comment Re:Get Your History Right (Score 2, Insightful) 211

Sorry, while Unions may serve a role in blue-collar jobs, I don't agree that they have much of a place it IT jobs. Especially when it comes to protectionism and "seniority". I work at a public university and our IT is unionized. It is basically impossible to fire the old IBM mainframer who refuses to learn anything new because he is retiring in 5-10 years and pines for the old days. So in these difficult budget times, we have to lay off the young, productive staff and are stuck with the useless ones. As is probably typical in the unionized government sector, if you could pick and choose the 20% to lay off, you would save a ton of money and productivity would probably go UP! As it is, you get rid of the modern, young talent and productivity actually goes down far more than the 20% you are laying off.

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