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Comment Wow. (Score 1) 621

I live in North Carolina but am currently on a little R and R here in Okinawa after a tour in Iraq. It saddens me to always hear these stories because I have been to many countries with some absolutely abysmal internet service providers that basically have a stranglehold on all the bases I have been on by a private agreement with the US Govt somehow. I dont see why they would have a problem with having a community ran ISP since they could easily just make it a utility. We have citizen ran electricity providers where I ocme from and they turn out just fine. :/ Just my two cents.
PC Games (Games)

Unreal Creator Proclaims PCs are Not For Gaming 705

An anonymous reader writes "TG Daily is running an interesting interview with EPIC founder and Unreal creator Tim Sweeney. Sweeney is anyway very clear about his views on the gaming industry, but it is surprising how sharply he criticizes the PC industry for transforming the PC into a useless gaming machine. He's especially unhappy with Intel, which he says has integrated graphics chipsets that 'just don't work'."

GameStop Manager Suspended After "Games for Grades" 539

mikesd81 writes "A manager at a GameStop has been suspended for instituting a 'games for grades' policy. 'Brandon Scott says he started a unique new policy in his store to promote good grades in school but now his employer has sent him to detention for speaking out of turn. Scott says he's been suspended by GameStop in the wake of his unconventional "games for grades" policy at an Oak Cliff store.' Apparently, on his own, Scott decided to stop selling video games to any school-age customer unless an adult would vouch for the student's good grades."

Submission + - 4-CD Final Fantasy VII Fan Remix Album Released!

Anonymous writes: "Over forty musicians at OverClocked ReMix have collaborated to release a project 20 months in the making; Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream , a 4-CD set of remixes from the legendary game Final Fantasy VII. With a total of 45 tracks and nearly three and a half hours of music, Voices is the biggest album project to be released on OC ReMix to date. The album encompasses a wide variety of genres from trance, to film score orchestral, metal, jazz, new age, and many more.

Voices was recently reviewed and showcased at Music4Games, with reviewer Jayson Napolitano calling it "One of the most impressive and encompassing listening experiences in the world of video game music." Well-known industry composer and creator of Video Games Live Tommy Tallarico has also praised the album; "OC ReMix has done it again! I'm always impressed with the amazing talent that comes from the OCR community. This album is a further testament to that quality and passion. It's an honor for video game composers around the world to have their material be a part of the OCR community. This album rocks!" Voices of the Lifestream is available free-of-charge at via individual MP3 downloads or BitTorrent."

Comment Mmm.... (Score 1) 343

So I guess if a public bathroom has some sort of virus on its very unclean urinals, I can sue whoever runs the free piss pot if I get some sort of infection or horrible STD.

You cant fucking sue everyone over something that can be turned into something malicious. If that were the case I guess we should be able to sue Google cause it can be used maliciously for alot of things with the right know how.

Jesus Christ.

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