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Comment Re:Ideas to think about in the new "Portables War" (Score 1) 308

I'll take the big one first: After all, who uses their Xbox to play movies? Anyone? That would be me and hundreds if not thousands of others. Not dvd's, oh heavens no. Xbox Media Center on a modded Xbox is about all I use my Xbox for; not more than a couple of games on the Xbox I care about. $150 and a little soldering brings me the best bang for the buck in a home theater unit.

-Sony has won the adult part of the portables market with its sleek styling and functionality... question is, is there even an adult market for these things to begin with? As anyone with an ipod and everyone who wants an ipod will tell you, oh hell yeah.

-Do we need yet another proprietary media format? When can we burn on it? When can we buy it? Do we need it? No. But it was Sonys best choice. Trying to stick to even a minor standard like 3" DVD's would severely increase the size of the machine. If you want to put your own stuff on the PSP, thats what the memory stick is for, and they hold plenty (IIRC, 512MB and 1GB sticks are available, but could be wrong). The BIG question that should be asked is if there is a way to execute your own code stored on the memory stick. THAT and that alone would make me pay the outrageous prices for a first gen unit.

-Are audiences really going to want to buy their media on a proprietary format when a portable DVD player is so cheap these days, and works with your home disks? Saying that smaller is better was important in the 80s... I don't think that holds today. Matter of fact, is anyone going to buy a movie on this thing?I> I don't really see the video disc portion taking off, for the reasons you mention and a few others. However, I could easily see a parent picking up a few spongebob mini discs for the kid to keep them quiet on a road trip or off of the house TV.

-The interactivity of the DS is well known, the interactivity of the PSP not so much, why? First off, poorly phrased leading question; answering directly implies I agree with your premise that the interactivity of the PSP is not well known. I reject that premise. Its a hand held gaming system. You press a button or a direction and the game reacts. This isn't a pet rock, it actually reacts to what you do like every video game since Pong. You may have something specific in mind, such as input options the DS has that the PSP doesnt (touchscreen for one), but your question doesn't address it.

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