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Comment Math issues (Score 1) 466

Not sure where the math came from in the OP but...

100W * 0.33 * 0.50 * 0.95 * 0.50 = 7.8

This clearly is lower that 16W

Might have to look more clearly at the article and see where the discrepancy arises.

Also the OP forgets that the quoted 67% includes electrical generation. ie the turbine.

And a typical phone charger (a Switch Mode PSU) will have an efficiency > 75%. So our calculation becomes:

100W * 0.33 * 0.95 * 0.75 = 23.5

Comment This just makes sense... (Score 3, Insightful) 253

In the end this reduces the cost of software to the customer.

Customer benefits by having ready access to a database of information produced by other users (more expert than any front line help desk).

Vendor benefits by not having cost overhead of front line support infrastructure.

Everyone benefits by having honest information exchange.

Vendor developers/consulting team provide secondary support and expert knowledge as appropriate.

This is a win/win for all involved.

Is this akin to the "To help the environment, please reuse your towels" sign in hotel bathrooms? Sure, we know this is really to increase the profits of the hotel. But in a free market with open competition, these figures ultimately produce a cheaper product for the consumer.


Comment Re:bad engineering? (Score 1) 526

Sorry, but PC manufacturers have been putting out hardware that can be damaged by software for years. CPU overheating caused by bad drivers is one area where this appears time and again.

However, there is no reason that the PC, running a supported OS, should allow an application to damage the hardware in any way. That is either bad OS design or bad hardware design or both.

Comment Re:common and fun (Score 4, Informative) 301

Watching 'Castle' the other night. Enjoying it for the accurate, serious show that it is. Beckett indicated the entry wound was too big for a 9mm round. Had to be something bigger. They later found a .357 which was the right size.

25.4*.357 = 9.07mm She has a good eye. Actually she has great looking eyes.

Comment Benefit your employer or the person you work for?? (Score 1) 308

It has been said that the person we work for is ourselves. You just happen to sell your skills to your current (next?) employer.

If you wish to remain relevant, then you need to stay up to date.

Where and how you do that perhaps depends on your current network skills and the access you have to materials outside of your current employer.

Can you VPN outside of your employer network?
Can you proxy through your employer network?
Can you read a book/kindle at your desk?
Can you install appropriate tools on your employer lap/desktop? Xampp anyone? VMWare Anyone?

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