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Comment Or maybe GDB? (Score 1) 591

Programmer here. I develop for both Linux and Windows. With my limited knowledge of Linux the only debugger I know of is GDB. Yes, there are things like DDD but all of the ones I have seen appear to be a wrapper for GDB. I find it faster to do printf debugging on Linux than deal with GDB or a GDB wrapper. Windows I have Visual Studio, if you've used VS, enough said. While for the end user Linux is certainly better than Windows (unless you are a gamer) the developer is still going to pass his "savings" or lack thereof to his paying or non-paying customers. If I am wrong and there is something on Linux commercial or not please tell me so I can go out and buy/download it now.

Comment Re:Needs more data (Score 1) 145

"but for the sake of curiousity I'm going to ignore the article" Even characters can be sold for ISK so everything can be broken down to an ISK equivalent value. It's like the people in any given MMORPG who farm materials to make item and are so happy they "saved" so much money rather than buying the raw materials from another player. When they could have sold those same raw materials for the same amount of money they have "saved" and yet they had to spend that time farming so it is really a net loss. Ok, starting to feel a bit trollish here. Not trying to have the final word or anything so feel free to reply but only going to address a direct question now.

Comment Needs more data (Score 1) 145

How much ISK did they have to sell to make $229,000? 6.1 Billion or so? Back when it was still possible to "get fat" on long limbed roes I made a little over 200mil ISK in my first month as a player. This was probably about 60+ hours of work even if it was mostly just clicking now and then to initiate the next warp or jump gate. If I wanted to buy that much ISK now would be about $8. That's about $0.13/hr. Even if someone was 200 times more efficient than that it the gross for 200mil would be $26/hr. I am still an EVE n00b and don't even play anymore. So can an expert estimate how long it would take to make $200mil? How high is the risk? If you need a 2000mil rig to mine or whatever and the risk is high you stand to have your "profit" wiped out at any time. Bodyguards don't help much either because now you're dividing your gross by n players and multiplying your risk by n as well.

Comment Not Cute (Score 1) 193

I just hope Digia stops insisting on calling it "Cute" the lady on the phone I talked to seemed offended when I called it "Queue Tee" and very pointedly corrected me.

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