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Comment Re:You have to be a real moron (Score 1) 368

That's because of a few things: Sarcoidosis is a somewhat common autoimmune disease that can affect virtually any and all organs, although it usually starts in the lungs. It's also usually ruled out by process of elimination. So you'll see it early on in their idea-slinging sessions because pretty much it could always be sarcoidosis and it's something that they can rule out as they test for other things. It also goes away on it's own or is easily treatable. And they like to diagnose things that have an answer other than death. I'm not a doctor or anything, I just have in interest in these things. So this is just based on my understanding.

Comment Re:Not fair to run down the black/grey hat hackers (Score 1) 149

If it wasn't for the hacker mentality, I find it hard to believe we'd be where we are today in terms of technology, especially in communications. white hat, grey hat, black hat, whatever, we all pushed each other and the fact that it was more about information sharing definitely lead to much innovation. In my opinion the open source movement of today is what became of the hacker community of yesterday.

Comment Gonorrhea: Nature's Birth Control (Score 1) 456

If you have gonorrhea long enough it can cause sterility. I think if it becomes resistant to antibiotics, this is nature's way of telling us "hey, it's ok to have lots of sex because you can't get anyone pregnant now." You get it, they can't cure it for a while so you live with it till they come up with a new cure, in the meantime you became sterile. Thanks, mother nature!

Comment Re:This world needs a "reset" button (Score 1) 941

But what if I think the thief should have his hands cut off, one neighbor thinks he should be fined, another thinks he should be imprisoned, and yet another thinks he should just be let go? So I chop off his hands, my neighbor disagrees with what I did, but what I did was just as right as what he would do since there's no law governing these things, but he disagrees so he stabs me, then my brother gets angry and shoots him for stabbing me, etc etc. Anarchy = chaos. But you seem to be very trusting of human nature. I'm not.

Comment Re:This world needs a "reset" button (Score 1) 941

Of course, but then the responsible party's buddy shoves something up my urethra. Then my buddy shoves something up his urethra, etc etc. Before we know it the whole world has stuff lodged in their urethras because we're anarchists and have no law or hierarchical structure to turn to to put a stop to the urethra clogging. Thus it still ends in chaos until someone takes power and puts an end to it.

Comment Re:This world needs a "reset" button (Score 1) 941

Good idea. Because then, no one would have recourse against what this school does because it wouldn't be against the law, because there would be no law. To really believe in anarchy you really must have a lot of faith in human nature. I can't even trust my neighbors not to break into my car when I'm asleep with laws against it. How the hell am I going to trust them not to murder me without laws. Let me explain what would happen in the event you got what you want. You'd go live in your squat with your crust punk friends and frolic in urban gardens and dumpster dive your dinner all happy-like while everyone else is dealing with the chaos and crime-sprees and whatnot. Stronger groups of people will battle each other to take control of certain areas, someone will win and calm the chaos, they will keep control by force if they have to. Oh wait, isn't that where we're at right now? Let's just take a shortcut and stay where we're at. Anarchy is not democracy. Anarchy is the path to government. Hierarchy is not necessarily a bad thing.

Comment (A)pathetic Users (Score 1) 660

The biggest problem with encryption and security in general is the user. The user wants everything out of the box and as easy as possible. I run across way too many home users who don't even have a login password on Windows. I've been trying to use PGP for email for years but I can't get anyone else I communicate with to use it. Most likely even if they did, their passphrases would still be things like "password" or any other password no no's. It's not even a matter of educating the user anymore. A lot of educated users still just don't care. If it's not something they're interested in, they won't do it. Striking the balance between convenience and security has become and impossible task because in the end convenience (read: laziness) will trump all.

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