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Submission + - China Working on Linux Replacement for Windows XP (

Tontoman writes: Here is one possible solution to Microsoft's End of Life announcement that could provide long-term benefits for the world's largest creditor nation. From the article: "China will focus on the development of a new operating system (OS) based on Linux to cope with the shutdown of Windows XP, an official said Wednesday.
Zhang Feng, chief engineer of China's ministry of industry and information technology, said "the ministry will beef up support for the development of such an OS", Xinhua reported."

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Major Corporations Screwed in IT Outsourcing Fraud

Tontoman writes: The outsourcing craze of recent years has not out well for Corporate clients of a the Satyam company of India.
From the article: The original intent of shifting IT work like programming and database management to outfits like Satyam was to save on labor costs. The savings for many companies has been 15%-20% on their IT budgets. But for Satyam clients, a potentially expensive and complex process of disentanglement is beginning.

Submission + - IBM Launches Microsoft-Free Linux PCs

Tontoman writes: IBM is offering to its business customers, a completely non-Microsoft virtual desktop system consisting of Linux and options for open- and closed-source desktop applications.
The article goes on to say, IBM claims the system can save businesses $500 to $800 per user on Microsoft software licenses and an additional $258 per user "since there is no need to upgrade hardware to support Windows Vista and Office.
Big Blue also claims the system's virtual setup affords savings of $60 to $118 per user on power and air conditioning costs, and that it will also help companies reduce IT support expenses.

Submission + - Bill Gates Urges Obama to Increase Spending (

Tontoman writes: Todays Washington Post reports that Bill Gates urges more spending to stimulate the economy and "help the country's most vulnerable residents." Guess he thinks the the $700 billion bailout isn't enough.
Gates seems to advocate government spending rather than activity by private enterprise such as Microsoft. "Gates said new investments are critical to building on recent improvements in U.S. public education and fighting disease abroad, which he said could be reversed if spending dries up."

Linux Business

Submission + - Linux in 2006: June is Busting Out All Over

Tontoman writes: Carla Schroder wraps up 2006, in Enterprise Networking Planet, "I apologize for sounding like a typical lame pundit, but 2006 was the Year of Linux. I never said that before — I was waiting until it became true."
"The Novell-Microsoft deal, as distasteful as it is to a lot of observers, is the crowning seal of Linux approval. The biggest purveyor of anti-Linux and anti-FOSS propaganda, misinformation and FUD made a deal with a Linux vendor. Whatever the merits of the deal itself, this is a gigantic validation of Linux in the enterprise."

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