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Comment Re:Not an advertisement... but er, yes, yes it is (Score 1) 66

75% of the way, by any logical measure.

You are mistaken, in the hoverboard formula the variable representing the number of wheels is in the denominator. The work required to reduce it from 1 to 0 is infinitely more than the work required to reduce it from 4 to 1, and the closer you get the greater the possibility that your body mass will be instantly converted to dark matter and equally distributed across the universe.

Input Devices

Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss 68

An anonymous reader writes "About 2 years ago, Jonas Pfeil, created a Throwable Panorama Ball: A rugged, grapefruit-sized ball with 36 fixed-focus, 2-megapixel digital camera sensors that capture simultaneously when thrown in the air, creating a full spherical panorama of the surrounding scene. Now, an Indiegogo campaign aims to produce the the camera (Now known as Panono) available for about $500. The quality of the sample images is impressive: the resolution is quite good and most importantly, the stitching artifacts are hardly visible."

Comment Re:let it run win 32 apps ccompiled for ARM (Score 2) 200

Pushing metro apps over Win32 programs has nothing to do with the burden of legacy support. It is all about getting their hands on the same 30% of software revenue that their competitors (Apple and Google) are getting, instead of the 0% Microsoft makes on every Win32 application sold. You're never going to convince companies developing for the Win32 sales model to start giving you that money, so you have to create a new distribution network with new rules and try to convince people to switch to it.

Did you think Microsoft just woke up one day and suddenly cared more about beautiful source code than money?

Comment Re:Uh, no (Score 1) 293

Why are you trying to make Canola oil seem like a bad thing? It is the healthiest cooking oil option most people have and should be widely used instead of soybean ("vegetable") oil and corn oil. The conversion of hydrogenated oils into trans fats happens regardless of the base oil type, there is nothing unique or special about Canola oil in that regard.

Comment Re:Paging Darth Vader (Score 1) 951

The article shows that: 1) There is more space, even with the Ribbon, than in Windows 7's Explorer and 2) You can hide the Ribbon

But don't let the facts get in the way of a rant

The Windows 7 explorer configuration they are comparing it to includes the Details Pane, which I have to assume is turned off by anyone who cares about vertical space and is running Vista or 7. Hiding that pane makes the Vista/7 explorer window take up much less space than the ribbon UI and without any loss in functionality (unlike hiding the ribbon).

There are only two things that make me hopeful about this new explorer format: using the Quick Access Toolbar with minimized ribbon (still a PITA that you have to configure it all yourself), and the return of the parent directory button (what they call the "up arrow").

Comment Re:Harsh Jump (Score 1) 488

What is the rental rate on BluRay disks? How bad is it for BD? I don't own a BD system and likely never will. If I did own BluRay, that would be my only reason for hanging on to the mailer.

If you're asking how much more it costs for the ability to get movies on BluRay, it depends on the plan. For an N out-at-a-time plan, the added cost for BluRay is N+1 dollars.

Comment Net Neutrality (Score 4, Interesting) 131

From TFA:

Customers of Cablevision, the cable and Internet provider that owns Newsday, and people who subscribe to Newsday in print will still be able to browse unfettered

Would any of the currently proposed net neutrality laws prevent Cablevision from charging other people for web content that it gives to its own ISP customers for free? Or is this considered an acceptable competitive practice?

Comment Possible causes (Score 3, Interesting) 420

I wonder how this trend compares with non-internet related events, such as:

  • Increase in popularity of highly opinionated "news" talk shows and cable TV shows (and similar decline in the popularity of objective reporting)
  • Consolidation of news businesses (particularly acquisitions by News Corp.)
  • Reduction in staff and budgets of the journalism and reporting departments within newspaper organizations

Comment Re:Also disables the stand alone PPU? (Score 1) 130

...I happen to know of a school with a computer lab full of those Physx cards, and the majority of them have ATI/AMD cards for graphics. For them at least, this update renders all those standalone cards useless.

The article says this problem is in the new forceware drivers, not the standalone physx drivers. If the computer does not have an NVIDIA card, why would they be installing the forceware drivers?

Comment Re:it happens, (Score 1) 108

I don't believe that. CNN's article quotes the letter as saying "According to the records of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you have a diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ... This letter tells you about VA disability compensation benefits that may be available to you."

That wording implies the letter is an explanation of benefits, not a notification of diagnosis. I'm sure the intended recipients were people who had already received the diganosis in person from their doctor.

The only people for whom this would have been the first mention of the diagnosis for would be the ones who received it in error.

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