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Comment Re:Red Headed Step Child... (Score 1) 476

Re-read this - and it makes no sense! Just because you don't want to apply the latest patches to your system doesn't make the OS the problem. If you choose to ignore a security patch then you've compromised the system.

You're saying you'd rather ubuntu aggregate the security patches and release them at a later date than make the available as soon as possible?

Comment Re:Red Headed Step Child... (Score 1) 476

Do you really have an Ubuntu install? Because I know the two I have don't update automatically by default. The update manager pops up once a day with a list of packages I can choose to install but I've never seen them update automatically... unlike a few windows servers I've had under my control that (BY DEFAULT) have updated and rebooted.

Now I'm pretty new to OSX... been using it at work for about 4 months and in that time I've had 4 or 5 updates. Only one was a security update (the bogus certifcate blunder) and the rest have been iTunes or other app updates. So is Mac OSx updating under the covers?

Comment Have your pet spayed or neutered (Score 3, Interesting) 174

Is it me or has Gnome 3x neutered the desktop? When I first used Gnome 3 with F15 I really liked the clean and cutting edge look. But 15 minutes later I choked on the fact that Gnome 3 had me bent over and handcuffed... doing things the way they wanted.

I looked at the screenshot and couldn't really tell if I was looking at Fedora or openSUSE, save the open browser content.

I LOVE what Linux Mint has done. They've incorporated the best of Gnome 3 and greatly improve the experience.

Oh, and YEAH for openSUSE, high-five!

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