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Comment Re:Islamic view of "time" (Score 1) 578

As an aside, I've always felt that an omniscient god, by definition, obviates free will.

Me too. To me the most crucial feature of free-will is the idea that one "could have chosen otherwise". If God is omniscient the universe must be deterministic hence you couldn't have chosen otherwise.

But then again, many serious thinkers disagree that determinism destroys free-will...

Comment Impossible question (Score 1) 578

"What is time?" The question is so difficult. I'm always surprised when people offer glib answers along the lines of "time is change" or "time is entropy". This says to me that most people don't even understand the question.

Feynman said it best:

"What is time? Don't even ask me. It's just too hard to think about."


Measuring the Speed of Light With Valentine's Day Chocolate 126

Cytotoxic writes "What to do with all of those leftover Valentine's Day chocolates? — a common problem for the Slashdot crowd. The folks over at Wired magazine have an answer for you in a nice article showing how to measure the speed of light with a microwave and some chocolate. A simple yet surprisingly accurate method that can be used to introduce the scientific method to children and others in need of a scientific education."

Comment the correct explanation. (Score 1) 252

It's quite obvious really. Time actually is speeding up, and has been since the big bang, at which point time was actually stopped. Thus each person gets to experience time speeding up within their own lifetime.

The discrepancy between old people and young people at any given time is due to old people having memories of when time really was going slower, so in comparison the current rate of time feels extra fast to them.

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