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Submission + - Google Exploit – Steal Account Login Email Addresses (

TomAnthony writes: I found a bug that allowed me to find anyone with a Google+ account’s primary (login) email address. This could be used to target specific people or just crawl Google+ collecting emails, and tying them easily to other social accounts as step one of something nefarious (e.g spear phishing, or other account compromise). Google have now patched this issue.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Apple TV finally hacked to use USB storage drive

Tom writes: After offering a $1000 bounty for anyone who could get an Apple TV to use a USB drive as it's primary storage drive, has just released a patch which does exactly that. Once patched the Apple TV will still boot from it's internal drive, and will behave exactly as it did before; just now you can store terabytes of media on it. The entire solution can be applied to an Apple TV without having to open the case.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Full Mac OS X running on the Apple TV

TomAnthony writes: has posted news of having the Apple TV running a full install of Mac OS X proper, allowing it to be used like a regular Mac; albeit one with only 256 Megs of RAM, and a 1 Ghz CPU.

They replaced the OS X kernel with one supplied by Semthex, the author of the OSX X86 kernel that allowed non-Apple Intel hardware to run OS X. Full instructions, video evidence, and a link to the kernel are provided.

Could this become the cheapest Mac ever?

Submission + - Full Mac OS X running on AppleTV

guruevi writes: "This is not an april's fool, but, which contains a collection of hacks for the AppleTV, has a tutorial on how to install a full version of Mac OS X on the AppleTV and use it as any other 'normal' OS X installation. Apparently all that had to be done was to install Mac OS X on the harddrive taken out the AppleTV, patch the kernel to circumvent the hardware restrictions on an external computer and reinstall the hard drive (or a bigger version of it, if you wish to do so). The exact step and the patch to the kernel are all on the site. A way to get a low-end (Dell-priced) Apple computer?"

Submission + - OSX on AppleTV

An anonymous reader writes: As reports, hacker semthex, who already made AppleTV OS run on mac, now did it again and made AppleTV run OSX. The special kernel is powered with a processor emulation and allows to run full blown GUI and even iTunes. Does this turn the little TV settop box into a third world mac-mini now?
Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: Paul Thurott about AppleTV and more hacks

Paul Thurott dons his flameproof suit and has this to write about the AppleTV: "The Apple TV is a typical Apple product: It's big on hype but short on functionality. [...] For these reasons, Apple TV is recommended only for those people who have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and decided they really like the taste and can afford the upscale lifestyle." Meanwhile
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Apple TV running on a Macbook

TomAnthony writes: "The Apple TV software has already been patched, and can be seen running on a Macbook. It appears the replacement the Apple TV uses has been patched and transplanted to a regular OS X install. The article shows how easily it was done: was able to patch to the Apple TV, and now has an operating Apple TV on a Macbook. Once a patched copy of the Apple TV Finder is made, you just copy over the additional Frameworks from the Apple TV, and you can reboot into Apple TV.

Submission + - Syncing Sidenote with Windows Mobile (OS X)

An anonymous reader writes: From "I use Windows Mobile on an XDA ii Atom for my calendars and tasks etc. Because Windows Mobile PDAs are not supported by OS X's syncing utility, I use "The Missing Sync" by MarkSpace, which is excellent. The only problem is that they use their own little notes program for syncing of notes from the PDA and back. I use Sidenote and I would prefer to keep a copy of those on my XDA so I had to come up with a solution. Well, I did — but boy is it convoluted!"

Read how he did it using XCode, Automator, and AppleScript.

Comment In the UK BT is similarly obligated (Score 2, Informative) 100

In the UK, BT (the formely state owned Telecom provider, now privatised) is obliged to provide competing operators with wholesale broadband access:

I'm not sure how similarly this situation mimics that in the article, asides from with BT the EU wasn't involved in the decision.

Submission + - Pianist's Husband Admits Faking Recordings

bugg_tb writes: Earlier this month Slashdot reported on Gramophone Magainze's article about Joyce Hatto's music not actually being recorded by her....

It turns out that this appears to be correct as the BBC is reporting that her husband William Barrington-Coupe "began faking passages because Joyce Hatto, who had ovarian cancer, could be heard groaning in pain during recordings"

Submission + - Windows Vista worse for user efficiency than XP

erikvlie writes: "Pfeiffer Consulting released a report on User Interface Friction, comparing Windows Vista/Aero with Windows XP and Mac OS X. The report concludes Vista/Aero is worse in terms of desktop operations, menu latency and mouse precision than XP — which was and still is said to be a lot worse in those areas than Mac OS X. The report was independently financed. The IT-Enquirer editor has read the report and summarised the most important findings."

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