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Comment Re:Short easy names for things win. (Score 1) 412

> I suppose too that The United States of America is in the Americas but the United States thereof is not the same thing as America?
> And we dursn't call it just "the States" either because that's ambiguous because there might be other countries with the word "States"
> in their name at some point?

No "might be" about it. You are bordered by "The United Mexican States," which is definitely also in the Americas.

Comment Get a pre-tablet-craze windows tablet from ebay (Score 2) 277

A few years ago I got a Compaq TC1000 from eBay. It ran linux flawlessly, although it needed the proprietary nvidia driver to get screen rotation. This was long before the iPad, the current tablet craze or much thought of special operating systems for tablets (ok, it came with a special mobile edition of windows, but their wasn't much difference). Now the TC1000 is low power for today's needs but I'm sure there must be lots of tablets out there with a higher spec that people are offloading because they want an iPad or equivalent. They may not have capacitive touch-screens but otherwise would probably be ideal for you.

Comment Do you need it in a box? (Score 2) 205

If it's really embarrassingly parallel, just run it on whatever CPUs you have hanging about or can scrounge cheaply. As long as the application is written portably they don't even need to be the same architecture or operating system, although that would help with deployment. The only reason to try to scrunch everything in one box would be if you have space limitations.

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