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Comment Re:No players on the market (Score 1) 308

GoVIDEO always will be producing VHS, methinks.

I shudder to think of the end of SVHS. It's a novel format by todays standards, but it has a LOT of archived footage.

To answer your questions, the BEST place to try to find a geek to be able to open ANY format, is your local news station.

The last one I visited could open ANYTHING, they had Reel to Reel, 16 track, you name it. Audio, Video, they could open it all.


Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 248

The data will be kept regardless.

Try getting a picture ID card without giving up a picture. Or a passport, or anything else government related that requires a picture.

And if your scared of your fingerprints, I guess you better cut your fingers off.

TinFoilAssHattery on Christmas. Jesus Fing Christ.


Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 248

Yeah, 150 years ago we had fingerprinting capabilities, border patrols like we have now, data mining capabilities, wierdos and wackjobs wanting to kill anyone related to democracy or an agenda that doesn't agree with their own, etc.

The list goes on, and so does the drivel. Bottom line is this is a non-story, as fingerprints have always been required. The only story here is they will be kept on file, digitally, as well as pictures will be taken: Which happened as soon as people got here ANYWAY, so they could get a fucking ID card.


Comment Re:US citizens will be next? (Score 0) 248

Do you not realize that it takes a picture to get an ID card?

Do you not realize that it takes a fingerprint (at least in my home state) to get an ID card?

Do you not realize that every fucking citizen in the US has given up a fingerprint or picture already?

What fucking slippery slope are you guys talking about? I mean, for real here.

Taking a picture of everyone entering the country, as well as a fingerprint.

OOOOoooOOhhh, let's get scared.


And if the government actually wanted your fingerprint, getting it off a can, anything in your trash, etc. wouldn't be too hard, would it.

Give me a break. Requiring foreigners to submit to the same thing everyone else in the country has to. Man, that's SCARY, huh?


Comment Good, and so what ????? (Score 1) 248


Nothing can be had with a fingerprint and a picture.

If you don't believe me, stop picking ANYTHING up, don't handle a FUCKING thing gloveless, and don't EVER leave the house.

I guess refugee's better not attempt to get a drivers license, either. Nor public benefits, since both (at least in my state) require a fingerprint and / or a picture.

Fuck, getting paranoid about having your picture taken. Gee, that's A LOT tinfoil hat. Since nearly, if not ALL, of us have a government issued ID card with at least our picture on it.

HOLY MOLY, beware, all immigrants are going to be held to the same standard as..... Get this, all citizens.


Comment Re:Not understanding and lashing out is l33t (Score 1) 414

I'd say with Verizon, you're pretty close to the truth.

They ALREADY have a proven, workable system in FiOS. Everyone else at the table would be like "Uh, we think we can do it this way".... Or some other crap like that.

Anywho, I would be happy with Verizon as an ISP if I had FiOS.


Comment I'd say the answer is simple (Score 0) 414

Force the TelCo's to MAKE every home DSL available.


There are few to no homes now that don't have a landline telephone. The ones that don't could receive vouchers for 4G or 3G or WiMax or whatever could be available.

I live where DSL isn't possible, and have half megabit wifi link to the rest of the world. I also can't get much in the way of TV, so I get my news via internet. This proved to be a good thing, as it sure has opened me up to more points of view than the talking heads provide.

But, DSL would be welcome where I live. Fuck, my neighbors have it, but Bell won't install at my house per new regulations about distances... In the beginning they would try. If it worked, you had DSL. If not, you could go to IDSL, and if that failed, they would ISDN you. Now, nothing. Tired of the headaches of the service of marginal connections I was finally told by someone who supposedly was being honest.

But DSL would work here. Tax the living SHIT out of the TelCo's until they provide it. It's doable, look at FiOS. In Texas, they provided TelCo with $$$ for "Fiber to the NID" when I was in IT there (pre 9/11). Wonder what happened to that. Always amazed me that Houston, being the 3/4th largest city in the US was SO far behind in broadband. ./end rant.


Comment Re:Install Ubuntu (Score 1) 823

I found telling people my rate is > 100 dollars an hour, and I'll half that for my friend, was enough to get them to leave me alone.

Friends are friends. Friends aren't people who you let use you as much as they want.

If your friends are hosing Windows machines that bad, it's their fault, and maybe making them fix them for a change, rather than babying them, will either get them to switch to linux or will get them to learn to admin windows.

Which, ultimately, is what your doing, I guess.


Comment Re:Lack of competence (Score 0, Flamebait) 823

The incompetent is the fuck that goes places knowing his family / friends will be asking him for help, and he leaves all his DVDs / CDs at home. Or the dildo that refers to his CD binder as an "IT KIT". You meant your CD binder, right? I mean, most of us don't need an entire laptop, DVDs, drive that plugs into USB, etc. to install windows. Maybe that's your problem, you're an incompetent Windows Administrator.

Incompetence at it's finest. I'd place you in the "RTFM, n00b" compartment of IRC as well.


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