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Comment Re:Defining sports (Score 1) 263

Ok, so it's like the SCOTUS and pornography; you'll know it when you see it.

So, the followup question would be: you have teams of competitive StarCraft players who train in amounts and methods very similar to atheletes, and who play for cash prizes, sponsorship deals, and what not; what term would you say applies?

Comment Turing (Score 1) 628

My first 'formal' computer programming training was in High School, using a language developed at the University of Toronto called Turing.

It was a cute little language, and I remember doing some fun stuff in it, including some basic 3d wireframe engine work. Which was pretty exciting stuff in high school computer programming in the early 90s on a 386.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 438

You know people might need to get more than two loads of laundry done in a day. While one might not need to supervise the washing machine, you do need to be around to move the laundry to the dryer, so that you know, it drys. Where with a normal washer I could have the wash done in thirty minutes, throw it in the dryer, start ANOTHER load in the washer and then run into town to get some errands done, when I get home an hour later, oh looks. I have a load of dry laundry., and another load of laundry to put in the dryer. Meanwhile you are still waiting for your first load of laundry to wash and I'm getting load number three in the washer.

You'd be amazed at how much laundry two kids and two adults can produce in a week.

Given that I had laundry duty for the wife and three daughters, I know exactly how much laundry can be produced in a week. I also know that it's not unusual for the laundry to sit in the washing machine for three hours after it's run before I get around to moving it to the dryer.

Comment Re:Health care is missing (Score 1) 903

This. If you live in America, add your monthly healthcare premiums on to your taxes to determine your actual 'tax burden.' Then, reflect on the fact that despite your paying those healthcare premiums, you may still have to jump through a lot of hoops, have 'copays,' navigate a morass of 'in network' doctors, etc etc.

Comment Re:I'm amazed it's 20% already (Score 1) 82

Cameras have shown many accusations of police abuse to be false, as well as caught abuses that may have gone unseen before.

To my mind, this is the most important point. For every cell phone video of a couple of cops beating the shit out of somebody for no good reason, there's body cam footage of somebody standing ten feet away from the cops, yelling 'help help these police are beating on me.'

Comment Re:Brilliant Move! (Score 1) 421

How so? "We reserve the right to refuse service" is an important and widely-known maxim.

"You can't get our device to work, and instead of letting us try to help, you insulted and attacked us. We're telling you, right now, to return it for a full refund, AND we're disabling things so that, should you manage to fix your issue and get it working, you don't get to happily use it while potentially leaving the negative comments and ratings unchanged."

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 115

It's the grand story of consoles. Nintendo ate Atari's lunch, then turned into Atari. Sony swooped in and ate Nintendo's lunch, then turned into Nintendo. Microsoft swooped in and took a big bite of Sony's lunch, then turned into Sony. Sony figured this out, swooped right back in.

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