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Comment Re:Give us the betas! (Score 5, Insightful) 662

Steve himself pointed out that MobileMe was a misstep. As someone who has cobbled together a cable-based home iTunes network, Gmail (via both a desktop/laptop web browser but also through iPhone's Mail app for notifications, etc.), Flickr & iPhoto, AppleTVs, a 60GB iPod, my wife's iPod Touch, Things for to do lists, etc., etc., etc., the only thing that is not encouraging to me about this is the thought of redoing everything again. But if Apple is actually putting some energy into this (and from the data center pictures, it looks like they are), it's might be too tempting to refuse.

And iTunes Match? Does anyone else find it baffling how they are getting away with this? I mean, for $25 I get legal versions of every single—ahem, questionably procured, shall we say— tracks in my gigantic iTunes library? Did the record companies read the fine print on this? I mean, as a voracious music consumer, I'm NOT complaining... we've all known for a long time that things were going to have to change in regard to digital media and copyright. And say what you will about them, I could see Apple being the company to make it happen. But really... how did they get away with this?

Comment Re:I am prob one of the only people here with an (Score 1) 579

I don't mind paying for TV I like, but if I am going to be forced to "rent" shows I'd like to watch a few times, I'll just go buy DVD's then.

Are you really buying a lot of stuff through your Apple TV? What non-Apple TV-owners may not realize is that when you buy something through the Apple TV interface, you cannot move it to another device (like an iPod, iPhone, or other computer). If you have a computer in the house somewhere, it makes a ton more sense to buy the media through iTunes on the computer, and then either stream it or copy it to your Apple TV.

We rent stuff on the Apple TV (which allows us to start watching it before the download completes), but if we decide to buy something, we do it on the computer. That way we can transfer it around at our leisure. So for us, having the Apple TV do rentals only is not a big deal.

Comment Re:Happy birthday to 180th meridian too ! (Score 2, Interesting) 429

Primer is a great film, one of my favorites. Just be prepared to invest quite a bit of time into understanding it.

The discussion reminds me of a story my father tells: for a high school English paper, he was supposed to write about an invention he'd like to create. He decided to create a time machine by placing a centrifuge on one of the earth's poles. He of course left out any mention of the IDL.

The teacher gave him a perfect score simply because she couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.

Comment Re:Resigning Issue... (Score 1) 221

how important it is to dress the part for the role you want or are in to be taken seriously.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise. As a college prof, I see a lot of students who have this sense of entitlement ("I should be able to rebel and still get all the same opportunities that my non-rebellious classmates get"). The fact is, the true "rebel" is the one who dresses and/or acts rebelliously and embraces the consequences. If you're not willing to do that, you might want to reconsider your reasons for rebelling.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 250

I wonder why there is so much confusion about the Eagles reference? Maybe a mid-1970's tune is just a little outside the average slashdotter's frame of reference.

Perhaps if the submitter cast Cloud Computing as the "Take On Me" of tech, where your data is sucked into this weird comic book world, and if you can get it out it's all dirty and disheveled in the trash can behind the counter?

Comment Re:Vampire (Score 1) 465

I have always wondered if your heartbeat helps you keep a beat or keep track of time.

That's the first thing I thought about when I read this article. While I don't think one's pulse has much of an effect on keeping rhythm, I wonder if there would be some deeper psychological issues for a musician (or anyone, for that matter) living without that perpetual rhythm of life that is otherwise always lurking at the edge of our perception...

Comment Re:Schools dont change (Score 1) 705

But, of course, the smart ones aren't there to figure out the new technology because they got tired of living under the poverty level and decided to change careers.

This is the whirlpool into which this argument always descends: a lack of funding ensures low-quality teachers, and lousy schools ensure a lack of funding. If there were some way to reset it all and pay teachers what they are actually worth to society, schools could afford to hire the folks who not only know how to use the state of the art, but help to advance it.

Comment Re:Main mistake they made? (Score 1) 587

Up until a few months ago, we had a CC but no BB, so CC was the place to go and browse around to see what stuff is out there (something I've never really been able to do well with online retailers, which aren't really set up to "browse").

Has anyone been to a CC closeout sale? Our Kmart closed a while back and we were able to get some crazy deals. If that were the case with an electronics store... *drool*


Submission + - CBS to give Jericho a Second Chance

TobyRush writes: After being deluged by e-mails, phone calls, and salty snacks, CBS has reconsidered its decision to cancel the apocolyptic serial drama 'Jericho'. Worthy of note is a point made by the series' executive producer, Carol Barbee, referencing the series' online episode availability:

"I really think that what has been learned here is that networks are going to have to look at numbers and who is watching their show and who is downloading their show in a different way from here on out. I think they have to understand that the Nielsens are not telling the story anymore and that the 18-49 demographic they're all so keen on is online and that's how increasingly they are getting their news and entertainment."
Better yet is CBS President Nina Tassler's postscript: 'Please stop sending us nuts.'

Submission + - Comedic Rights Backlash

menciasteals writes: "After Joe Rogan confronted Carlos Mencia during a performance at the Comedy Store, a petition has been started in an attempt to remove Mencia's show "Mind of Mencia" from Comedy Central's lineup in an internet-based attack against comedic theft. Rogan has since been banned from performing at the Comedy Store and has ended his relationship with the Gersh Agency. From Rogan's post on his blog: "Now, when you work hard on a bit and polish and craft it, and then someone just disrespects the whole process, steps in, steals it and performs it as his own, that's a pretty intense creative violation." So what do you say, Slashdotters, are Comedians entitled to the same rights as musicians and authors?"

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