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Comment Re:And we want this gov't in charge of health care (Score -1, Troll) 121

There's a difference. Putting them in charge of health care is a matter of ensuring our wellbeing. The others are about violating our rights.

The TSA, and Patriot Act are to, "protect your well being", as well. Government run healthcare is the most vicious and disgusting loss of your freedom, the right to choose whether you live or die. You lose the privacy of your medical records, because they will exist in a national database for all to see. As a freedom loving person, you will probably grow up, realize that health insurance is cheep, and finally figure out that national healthcare is evil.

Comment Re:Not exactly. (Score 0) 469

Where did you get that idea? It is a listed numerical specification on many parts - tires, mechanical switches, camera shutters, and supercapacitors, for example.

The very tenuous description of durability provided by spec sheets in the form of MTBF, and other such specifications, has a tenuous at best relationship to actual durability of the item in question. Most certainly, dog gnawing, hard treatment, liquid incursion, and other such problems, are not factored into any figures. Sure, there are things like the Ingress Protection Rating codes which might say something (but not about mechanical switches, camera shutters, or supercapacitors). Still, I have some pretty flimsy IPX7 rated hardware laying around... Also, when is the last time you have gotten 50,000 miles from 895 treadwear rated tires? Our product is great, and will last forever* *individual results may vary.

Comment Re:Not exactly. (Score 0) 469

I care about Watts, I care about MHz, I care MPG, I care about capacities, I care about durability when gnawed on for a while by a rabid rottweiler. I don't care about "vibes", I don't care about colors, I don't care about how many other people use it (unless more people makes it more useful, such as with something like Facebook - Which I don't use), I don't care that nine out of ten dentists will take your money to admit they tried it once.

BZZZT, durability is a dimension in the marketing-speak domain, not the specification/fact one.

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