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Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 533

So please enlighten me: How do you kill apache with all the php/ruby/whatnot crap it directly or indirectly spawned? With systemd it is just one convenient systemctl stop apache

So please enlighten me: Who the hell told you that mechanisms like cgroups are systemd-only?

Comment Re:Science isn't critical thinking... (Score 1) 710

You seem to have no clue how science works. Scientists will invite you to find flaws in their theories or even to overthrow them, if you can, so that scientists can get a better understanding of how the world works. Just saying "We won't present any evidence, because we suspect they might not believe us." is not only cowardly behavior, but outright pathetic. Present your evidence, if you have some, it wouldn't be the first time that an established theory would be overthrown for something better.

Comment Re:Science isn't critical thinking... (Score 1) 710

The other type of evolution is where a species mutates to become a new species. We speculate that it happens based on what we can prove with evolution at a much smaller scale. The proof that it happens simply does not exist. There is one claim that I found where a bird was said to have evolved into a new species of bird. The bird was identical to the control bird except for the beak. DNA length was the same, appearance and size was within range for the control bird, so it was a huge leap to claim that it was "a new species" and quite frankly disingenuous. This is what is termed "Macroevolution".

Actually yes, we have seen such "macroevolution":

Comment Re:Science isn't critical thinking... (Score 2) 710

I can't count how often the 2nd Law or Thermodynamics comes up, but totally without understanding what it actually is. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics only applies to closed systems, Earth is not a closed system, so it simply can't apply to Evolution. Please inform yourself about that before bringing that up again.

Comment Re:Science isn't critical thinking... (Score 1) 710

You mean like those claims about irreducible complexity that were debunked in front of a judge during the Dover trial, were the proponent of ID/Creationism was left speechless? If there is a scientist that can prove his theories about irreducible complexity, why are there no peer reviewed articles about it? Why doesn't he have the Noble price by now? Something like that would hit like an atom bomb.

Comment Re:I'll pass... (Score 2) 26

Then laugh about Gabe Newell (head of Valve) or Blizzard, they have no problem with gaming on Linux. Or maybe Dell/Alienware, they just released a gaming machine with Ubuntu preinstalled. But if you know more than these multi-million dollar companies ...

Comment Re:Cool story (Score 2) 220

All the while you'll remain doggedly ignorant of the teachings of the Qur'an that make jihad obligatory for able Muslim males.

Yeah, in the same way that the bible make stoning children to death obligatory for the Christian believer. I can't see the US fighting against fundamentalist Christians. The US is attacking those people because they became a serious threat to the US goals in that region (mainly "We want the oil!"), mostly caused by the US itself by giving money and training to those people some time before, without thinking about the consequences. I don't have to be a "cultural relativist" to see that, these are enemies of the US because the US has made them to enemies, not because of the Qu'ran.

Comment Re:Guns only for the government... (Score 1) 899

Maybe you should also look at movies from this time, where the story takes place in countries where only the government (police and military) have guns, like Germany, the Netherlands, ... . Oh wait, it isn't a bad thing to live there nowadays, so you can't use that as an argument for your case. Nevermind, stay in you close minded world, where everywhere where gun control is in place the thugs rule the world.

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