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Comment HD Homerun (Score 1) 78

You could get the DVB-T version of the HD Homerun and hook that up to the inconveniently placed aerial and then stream Freeview over your network, either direct to a device or to a MythTV box. One thing to note is that as it's only capable of DVB-T reception it doesn't actually get any of the Freeview HD channels.

Comment Re:its called HUGE tax breaks for R&D (Score 1) 395

But Afghanistan never had warlike intentions towards other countries in the first place.

Which is irrelevant for the discussion at hand. I would assume that most countries invaded by a theoretical combined US, Russian and Chinese army in a quest to create a single planet wide totalitarian government would never have had warlike intentions either.

Have you actually read the complete thread?

Comment Re:its called HUGE tax breaks for R&D (Score 1) 395

But there are two big problems with a USSAC Empire -

1) Of countries most likely to stab each other in the back, the US, Russia and China top the list.

2) Both the US and Russia/USSR more or less failed at containing Afghanistan. If they can't contain a forsaken country like that, I don't see what hope they have of conquering the entire planet, even in the highly unlikely event that they pooled their resources. They could probably get away with pushing Europe around, but I think the rest of the planet would give them a lot of trouble.

Comment Re:Not being from the UK (Score 1) 395

Anyway, how is it for employers in Germany compared to England? Both Eurozone so presumabley similar ground rules for business and labour.

England (and the rest of the UK) is not in the Eurozone. We're in the EU, but we do not use the euro.

My understanding is that Germany tends to take employee involvement more seriously (so you get works councils and the like) but people are generally on lower wages.

Comment Re:its called HUGE tax breaks for R&D (Score 4, Informative) 395

My previous employer had a non compete clause, but then they were an American company (though they waived it when they moved our dev jobs out of the UK and made us redundant). My current employer (which is British) doesn't, and I don't remember any British company that I worked for having one.

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