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Comment DON'T DO IT! (Score 0) 248

vi and vim have been around for decades becasue they fullfil a need of a text editor that can be found on every Unix box you might have to work on. They have a command set most know enough to use even if they prefer other editors. It has enough features to use as an development editor and most important there are tons of other editors to choose from.

Don't screw with vim you want to make you idea of a better vim fine just leave the original alone!!!!

Comment Can we say privatization (Score 1) 676

The GOP's favorite word privatization in other word how to take our taxes and give them to their big corporate buddies. Look at how much of the miliatary is privatized now. Not only can the private milatary avoid the law they charge big $$$. Cut school budgets and give vouchers to give our taxes to big business. And on and on.

Comment Re:what if... (Score 1) 716

Apples and oranges comparison brick building is manual labor task. My grandfather was a brick mason and he learned the skill, and worked his way thru the ranks apprentice and journeyman, etc. If a wall started falling apart it was probably bad bricks, or the mortar wasn't mixed right. Two thing out of his control on a construction job with a team of brick masons. Last if the person hired didn't have the skills.

Software development a person can be unqualified for the job, so you don't want them fixing things. Then most real world app's are large team projects and side effects for other people's code is part of the process so who fixed what? Then bugs or code not functioning as expected just part of developing code for a project and that has to be factored in to the time and cost of development. I a company told me to fix bugs on my time (which they usually have a chunk of anyway) I'd be looking for another gig. Only time I would fix bugs on my own if I was sick or distracted and knew I wasn't working up to par. Unless its one of those bosses who says "sick or not get in here" then its their fault I raised the red flag and they ignored it.

Start getting your resume out.

Comment Hate Open Office (Score 1) 314

The last place I worked had open office plan and I hated it. Noisy, no sense of my area to feel comforatable in. Just rows of tables not eveb desks. The owner and managers were a big part of making it feel so uptight, they discouraaged conversation, that SCRUM or meetings were time to exchange ideas. Development and SysAdmin involves sharing of problems, solutions, and communication is the key.

I like having cubes and co-workers would come by to disuss work, or there would be group talks outside of the cubes. What would appear to some as people just hanging out was a very creative enviromnet.

What I could see working is a mixed open area and then cubes for people that want to get away to think. Options are good.

Comment Well son I remember when they were all OS/2 (Score 1) 346

Blame IBM for killing off OS/2. I worked for one of the major banks and years after OS/2 died they were still running it because the main teller software ran on OS/2 and the company that created it rufused to port it to anything else.

The govenment monitors the banking banks and if someone came up with Linix ATM software that could pass govenment regulations and a ease migration path you'd probably see a mass move from XP to Linux. Because the banks what one does most the other do.

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