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Comment Re:Just wait... (Score 1) 404

It won't be long before we have public registries of parents whose kids misbehave in school

Probably not, but I wouldn't be surprised by a registry for teachers who taught kids who misbehave in school and were blamed by the parents for said students behavior.

Always remember: It's the teachers fault. Parents had nothing to do with it.

Comment Re:How about those hidden linux taxes? (Score 1) 993

Interesting, I can install Linux fully configured in less than an hour these days, most of that time is waiting, while it takes me all day to install Windows because I have to hunt for drivers (typically without network support so I need two computers)

Your statement used to be true, it's not any more. Now it's the reverse. I use Linux now BECAUSE my time is valuable, and Linux just works out of the box. Tweaking is completely unnecessary, but remains an option if you are the type that likes that kind of stuff.

Comment No, not games (Score 1) 269

I think the one thing that would speed up adoption drastically would either be a Photoshop port, or getting Gimp up to a level where professionals can use it on the same level that they use Photoshop. Also, if we're going the Gimp route, then we need some real artists to start posting some super awesome art that just blows people away and convinces then that, yes, Gimp can do that!

And while that would be a major kick in the pants, nothing will boost Linux adoption like an ad campaign. A real one. With, you know, mainstream ads? Television?

"Hi, I'm Linux. You should install me over Windows because..."

Now, if we're going the game route, then it would not be sufficient to simply port a game to Linux. There would have to be an exclusive game, an experience that you can't get anywhere else, otherwise users would simply play said game on their existing platform of choice. Anyone got the millions to fork out for a game + marketing campaign needed to accomplish this?

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