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Comment A Google App? (Score 0, Offtopic) 136

And how long do you think it'll take for the Bad Guys [tm] to invent their own "one-tap app", that will look and act exactly like Google's .. or worse, will be phished or sneaked into your system without your knowing, will act like your phone, and will transmit everything it discovers to its real owners? Lessee, what is today .. Tuesday?

Comment Screw the Pollution (Score 1) 404

Has anyone counted the lifeboats and done the math?

When I first saw the images, I couldn't help but count the lifeboats. 9 on each side. "6,780 passengers and 2,100 crew" = 8800 souls on board (not counting pets). 8800 / 18 = 488.9 bodies per lifeboat. Damn! And of course if she is going down with a severe list, cut that in half.

Can we spell "Titanic", hmmm?

This review has a much smaller passenger size (5479); donno which is correct.

Probably using this lifeboat design, or something similar:


Which is totally inadequate, holding only 370 persons best case, a total of 6600 for the 18 on Harmony of the Seas.
Nope, I think I'll pass.

Comment Re:The Same OBama DOJ (Score 1) 185

To be fair, Holder isn't going to work for the same banks .. not directly anyway. He's returning to the same law firm he left to take the Attorney General job:

The fact that the law firm has those same banks as clients might perhaps explain how and why he got the Attorney General job in the first place, ne?

His replacement, Loretta Lynch, is no better:

Comment Re:skipjack (Score 1) 68

It goes back earlier than that. I was invited to pay a visit to NSA at Fort Meade to explain my own home-rolled "CryptoMax" and "CryptoComm" encryption software products (I guess back around '87 or '88), a most interesting visit to say the least.

NSA was pretty insistent back then on hardware solutions, had no tolerance for software solutions at all. I imagine the cryppies were all clutching their chests when Dr. Dobbs Journal published an interesting article on RSA and public key algorithms way back in The Day. (I might still have that volume around :-)

The boys in the big shiny building's cellars found my algorithms (which I had to translate for them from Turbo Pascal and 8086 assembly language, apparently not their languages of choice) very interesting indeed, were most complimentary ("Are you SURE you haven't worked in this business before?", and there were mumbles about "Cray-busting" and the like. Flattering, but I couldn't get their endorsement for the security of the algorithm or code, and they laughed themselves to tears when I asked about foreign export of my programs :-)

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