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Comment Unintended consequences (Score 1) 172

So this adds to the cost of infrastructure immensely and doesn't imply a useful map or topology. It is darts at a wall. And it may delay projects that are needed. Additionally when a road needs to be moved, the possibly empty fiber needs to me moved as well. And taking on a life of its on, the additional steps needed when some local jurisdiction decides to slam dark fiber in all these conduits then say a large construction project buys up a few dozen square blocks of property, now they have to relocate all the fiber and conduits of the ill planned installations. Just widening roads which is a very normal event gets horribly complicated. And what size conduit gets installed? I watched in my local area a fairly main road under construction for over a year as they installed 12 conduits over a very long piece of the road. So If I have a road with one empty conduit; who decides what can go in the conduit. Sure the municipality could install something like the 768 fiber cable, if that is legal in their jurisdiction, which isn't guaranteed, and still leaves maintenance issues. Also multiple services in the same conduit is a single point of failure. One cut dozens of fibers bite it. And where do cable vaults get placed? And how is power delivered to them. It isn't enough to have a conduit, you need all the support that is needed to fill it, and a well thought out local plan for each mile of conduit so you can responsibly place cable vaults that have power delivery space for multiple meters breaking off the power and room for multiple pieces of hardware for fiber repeaters. And even nitrogen pressurization equipment. Maybe instead of jumping the gun and creating more problems that it solves at a huge national cost ... (and perhaps becoming yet another unfunded federal mandate the courts will strike down) they might better engage in planning and standardization, then establish a pilot program in some small city, have the federal government pay for the repaving of the town and installation, track costs and problems. Sometimes speed is essential, but this seems to be setting the country up for huge expenses and potentially poor results plagued by problems. And often high power lines can't be installed, or shouldn't be installed, in the same conduit. Maybe install empty concrete 2 meter diameter concrete pipes with a cable vault every kilometer. or a six foot diameter pipe with vaults every 5/8 of a mile. Leave slack for geography, define bridge standards, consider opening bridges and tunnels, define responsibility roles and provide a support and emergency plan. Consider all that can go wrong in a system so large it will go wrong, often. plan for it. Unfunded, ill conceived. I don't like it. No sir I don't like it.

Comment Quid pro quo? (Score 1) 122

"We urge the U.S. side to stop listening in, monitoring, stealing secrets and internet hacking against China and other countries," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a daily news briefing.

And I urge China to stop with the intense industrial espionage, including disassembly of a satellite they were hired to launch. And of course stop the spying in the US. China places "students" in US Universities and then encourages the hiring of them by US defense and technology companies. They take a traditional long view and can wait years before gathering useful information. Only the clumsy spies get caught. The US has no idea of the actual numbers due to their liberal support for foreign students by the State Department, and, well, the freedoms in the US. Take a look at recent Chinese aircraft designs, their missile programs rapid advances, as well as their nuclear weapons programs advances. US technology finds it way into all of them. And just on the level of insipid deception alone, they bought an aircraft carrier from Ukraine (sans nuclear reactors that had not been installed yet); purchased by a private Chinese concern and destined to be a casino. That casino is the Chinese military's first aircraft carrier.

Comment A possible scenario (Score 1) 519

The president (likely through a stand-in to distance himself and provide plausible deniability) could informally tell his head of agency/bureau/administration/etc. that he suspects Donald Trump, campaigning for office, and exposed to classified information, and with suspected ties to the Russian government, is a wild card who can't handle classified information, and is suspected of leaking it, This could leak the aforementioned agency to draft a request to the FISA court, whose goings on are not made public as they are themselves considered secret. The FISA court could issue the appropriate wiretap approval and issue a national security letter "gag order" so that the intercepts can't be disclosed.

And now Trump has his communications wiretapped and no one can disclose they were wiretapped.

Trump goes on to be president elect, then President of the United States; now privy to a wider information field comes to glean that his Trump Tower communications were wiretapped ... And because of the risk to exposing FISA workings, can't directly expose how he knows, since that information itself may be classified.

I am not saying it did happen that way, just that it could happen that way.

Comment Several missed items (Score 1) 178

block sending the caller ID tones by the call originator, if detected disconnect. Require registration before allowing a trunkline of any sort to send a caller-ID that is not the one assigned to he trunkline. Covers ISDN PRI and T1 handily. Disallow calls from out of country to have a caller name other than International. Foreign call centers can deal with it. They want an exception, they apply to the FCC and register. Then they have to have the caller name for that trunk that matches their client.

The "Open Source" direction would be to provide ANS for free on every line.

Comment Wouldn't it be better ... (Score 3, Insightful) 317

Use the heavy lift ability of commercial concerns to get equipment to space on non-human rated vehicles and use LEO human rated space vehicles to get the humans to the equipment. No real reason to add the expense to engineer human level safety to a heavy lift vehicle at this point in time. We need to advance the assembly technology in space as well. A good direction for for Mars would be an unmanned mission where the components were assembled in orbit, creating a permanent habitat that can be pushed to a Mars orbit unoccupied but stocked for a long duration stay. Along with that should be an array of MPS (mars positioning satellite) micro-sats that can maintain an earth radio link through relays around Mars. Redundancy and positions in orbit mean earth to mars communications would be more reliable, and mars surface to earth becomes easier because the radios on the surface become commodity designs that are less dependent on critical antenna aiming in a hostile environment. We should also create a constellation of LPS (lunar positioning satellites) for further exploration there. The advances in technology will warrant the expense many times over. Space exploration generates new wealth injected into many levels of the economy, new technology and perhaps more important it is an agent of peace amongst nations, either through cooperation in missions, or through competition for prestige.

Comment Commercial user are not representative (Score 1) 290

Small countries with low appearing GDP, may have a much higher PCDP/GDP Per Capita. So wealthy citizens get an underserved discount. Multinational companies might opt to buy their software in the country it costs the least in. Large corporations having a lower software cost would encourage outsourcing jobs from higher GDP countries.

This isn't the way to level the playing field, this would be a means to level the higher GDP countries, by encouraging outsourcing and encouraging domestic wealth transfer to lower GDP countries. So what this really is, is a tax on higher GDP countries. Do you really thing Saudia Arabia deserves to pay less for software that controls oil fields and production? By the time you make enough exceptions it becomes unworkable.

Comment Not seeing it. (Score 1) 766

I have a 2012 Macbook Pro 2.7GHz quad core with a nearly full SSD and 16GB RAM. I have several apps open nearly all the time, about 10-15, including Xcode and some Adobe apps, Fireworks and Photoshop among them, Preview and TextWrangler and a few more depending on what I'm doing, several messaging apps sit open as well, email and of course my browser. Safari with two windows open, one for work tasks with 3-4 tabs and one for news with 12 tabs. Opening a new blank window or a new blank tab happens fast enough not to bother measuring. Opening the Drudge Report is under a half second. Refreshing it is about the same. Opening with it large format graphics is equally quick. Opening Kickstarter is a bit over one second. And I am doing this on a 27 inch thunderbolt display with the browser covering all but two columns of desktop icons to the right and the dock at the bottom. I interrupted posting and shutdown safari, then reopened it. I was fully loaded, both windows and all the tabs on the front window (couldn't see the tabs on the occluded window) in under 2 seconds.

I have flash disabled. I have ad blocker plus installed (/. is whitelisted because they haven't served me a virus payload or porn or claimed my windows pc was infected) and I have Java applets disabled (but not javascript because that broke way to many sites that should know better and get on the CSS and HTML5 bandwagon) I disallow third party cookies, I used to background load tabs, that isn't a selectable option anymore, but sometimes Apple prefs lose UI but not there presence. I also have another ad-blocker enabled KA-Blocker.

So the poster problem may be resulting from a slow internet connection or lots of background activity with Safari playing nice citizen ... I can't offer much else without more details. But I don't have such issues. Oh, Frontier FIOS at 100/100 residential ... I have a busy active system that runs 24/7 and don't see the problems he sees.

Comment Sure, I'll agree to this ... (Score 1) 215

But only if:
  • They pass a law barring public officials and public employees from having locks. This includes personal residences, offices, storage sheds, cabinets, etc.
  • They make all public officials have the password of password for all computer access, personal or work, server accounts, social media, financial accounts, including banking, realms, domains, etc.
  • All public employees have their calendars, todo lists, emails, projects, proposals, and any documents, personal or otherwise publicly accessible
  • All bank account information is to be posted on public servers updated whenever it changes. This includes banking transactions and all accounts personal or public that they nominally control or have access to
  • They must post their social security information on a public server and associate it with themselves, as well as publish any security questions and answers associated with any accounts or any other entities without limit
  • They must publish their genome sequence, so the public can really know who they are
  • They must consent to the release by providing a public power of attorney, for any information not herein covered
  • They must not use cash for transactions, nor checks, they are limited to debit cards only. Any barter exchanges must be registered through a second hand store and the records be available to the public

My Phone carries a lot of personal information and they just aren't allowed a blanket ability to seize it. Digital devices have become ubiquitous and their storage of personal information must be protected. Really want into that iPhone collection? hire an ethical hacker or worst comes to worst a hardware firm to play with the base encryption hardware and software to allow infinite attempts. With a valid warrant. They seem to have forgotten about this small matter from the Bill of Rights:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Comment Satire (Score 1) 241

I have posted satirical responses in blogs and have them picked and reported in other blogs as factual, and had those blogs read by news agencies who actually in one case reported them over the air (nothing to do with the elections). I have had satirical comments I made be edited into wikipedia articles by others. And edited them back out when I found them. (I have had one edit rejected which was to remove content I was the satirical source for) ... We have in America free speech, the right to make parody or satirical commentary and there should not be excessive restriction on them ... When something is traced backwards as news is verified it should be obvious when it cites something non existent, or all the citations trace to one article.

I actually love when runs as factual, or bases an article upon, an Onion article. Of course anything traced back to or Sputnik news is fairly suspect in the first place. Maybe instead we should have certain trust individually in valid news organizations and generally mistrust random articles posted on social media. Remember if you say gullible very very slowly, it rhymes with orange.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

So as we expand and move off the planet earth metric relationships will look as arbitrary as imperial ones seem to be today. Meters will not be remotely related to what they originally erroneously related to. So if the atmospheric pressure is a bit less or a bit more, water won't boil at 100 C if the planets (or moons or dwarf planets, or asteroid) has more or less "gravity" then that puts a kibosh on the whole concept of the interrelationships. Metric on the moon just means using more syllables to say what you mean. The whole conversion between systems thing is why metric makes sense. It would be interesting to derive a system based on more basic measurements like the energy to go between a hydrogen atoms base state and next energized state. length based on that photons wavelength as it goes back to ground state. Mass on the mass or a hydrogen atom. Etc. I'm sure there are better fundamental sizes, energy measures, etc.

Comment Re: Perhaps (Score 1) 598

Standard / Imperial measurements had a single syllable or somewhat rarely two syllable name for the unit of measure for most uses. measuring something small, inch, a bit bigger, foot or yard, still bigger, rod or chain, way smaller the line, pica, and point. Even larger, of course the mile. There are some others that were used in specialized instances. They tend to be polysyllabic like barley-corn, fathom, cable, etc. And of course agricultural use, like hands, or merchants use like fingers and nails. The point being that each was used with small enough numbers to make the math easier. The same goes for weight, liquid and dry measures.

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