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Comment Sure, I'll agree to this ... (Score 1) 215

But only if:
  • They pass a law barring public officials and public employees from having locks. This includes personal residences, offices, storage sheds, cabinets, etc.
  • They make all public officials have the password of password for all computer access, personal or work, server accounts, social media, financial accounts, including banking, realms, domains, etc.
  • All public employees have their calendars, todo lists, emails, projects, proposals, and any documents, personal or otherwise publicly accessible
  • All bank account information is to be posted on public servers updated whenever it changes. This includes banking transactions and all accounts personal or public that they nominally control or have access to
  • They must post their social security information on a public server and associate it with themselves, as well as publish any security questions and answers associated with any accounts or any other entities without limit
  • They must publish their genome sequence, so the public can really know who they are
  • They must consent to the release by providing a public power of attorney, for any information not herein covered
  • They must not use cash for transactions, nor checks, they are limited to debit cards only. Any barter exchanges must be registered through a second hand store and the records be available to the public

My Phone carries a lot of personal information and they just aren't allowed a blanket ability to seize it. Digital devices have become ubiquitous and their storage of personal information must be protected. Really want into that iPhone collection? hire an ethical hacker or worst comes to worst a hardware firm to play with the base encryption hardware and software to allow infinite attempts. With a valid warrant. They seem to have forgotten about this small matter from the Bill of Rights:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Comment Satire (Score 1) 241

I have posted satirical responses in blogs and have them picked and reported in other blogs as factual, and had those blogs read by news agencies who actually in one case reported them over the air (nothing to do with the elections). I have had satirical comments I made be edited into wikipedia articles by others. And edited them back out when I found them. (I have had one edit rejected which was to remove content I was the satirical source for) ... We have in America free speech, the right to make parody or satirical commentary and there should not be excessive restriction on them ... When something is traced backwards as news is verified it should be obvious when it cites something non existent, or all the citations trace to one article.

I actually love when runs as factual, or bases an article upon, an Onion article. Of course anything traced back to or Sputnik news is fairly suspect in the first place. Maybe instead we should have certain trust individually in valid news organizations and generally mistrust random articles posted on social media. Remember if you say gullible very very slowly, it rhymes with orange.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

So as we expand and move off the planet earth metric relationships will look as arbitrary as imperial ones seem to be today. Meters will not be remotely related to what they originally erroneously related to. So if the atmospheric pressure is a bit less or a bit more, water won't boil at 100 C if the planets (or moons or dwarf planets, or asteroid) has more or less "gravity" then that puts a kibosh on the whole concept of the interrelationships. Metric on the moon just means using more syllables to say what you mean. The whole conversion between systems thing is why metric makes sense. It would be interesting to derive a system based on more basic measurements like the energy to go between a hydrogen atoms base state and next energized state. length based on that photons wavelength as it goes back to ground state. Mass on the mass or a hydrogen atom. Etc. I'm sure there are better fundamental sizes, energy measures, etc.

Comment Re: Perhaps (Score 1) 598

Standard / Imperial measurements had a single syllable or somewhat rarely two syllable name for the unit of measure for most uses. measuring something small, inch, a bit bigger, foot or yard, still bigger, rod or chain, way smaller the line, pica, and point. Even larger, of course the mile. There are some others that were used in specialized instances. They tend to be polysyllabic like barley-corn, fathom, cable, etc. And of course agricultural use, like hands, or merchants use like fingers and nails. The point being that each was used with small enough numbers to make the math easier. The same goes for weight, liquid and dry measures.

Comment Re:Or, how about ... (Score 2) 143

Trying to hamstring every legally purchases hobby drone is not the way to go.

Is anyone who legally purchases a drone really going to care if they can't fly the drone over prisons anymore? What legitimate reason is there for flying drones over prisons?

Who owns the database? How big a database is required? Who pays the cost for the creation and storage of the database and its maintenance and updates? And the increased drown cost for extra computes and storage on the drone. What about homemade or open source drones. It is not effective to have this operate at the drone level. Can I add my house to the list if I do potentially classified work at home. What about drawing up industrial contracts that effect the economy if leaked? Heck commodities futures are affected by crop reports, do we block all the places those are written up? Is being on the list enough for other attack vectors? Is the list itself secret? How do you manage that in an open source world?

Comment Instead of Geoblocking ... (Score 1) 143

Instead of Geoblocking why not have the drones land and power off at a designated landing spot. And instead of some massive database in the drones code, just have the hardware respond as a priority to an override signal. That means the prisons can control where they land. In the case of accidental intrusions a fine at the jurisdictions discretion. In the event of a criminal intrusion of a purposeful nature, confiscate the drone, and followup to prosecute the drone operator. So delivery of drugs by quadcopter, then intervention and prosecute. Maybe even have the drone remember its launch point for the authorities to recover for their investigation. So what's the penalty for aiding in a prison break? Delivery of drugs to a prisoner? Delivery of random contraband? Or, put a net over the top of open areas where prisoners can be? Monofilament fishing line nets would be hard for drones to avoid.

Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 1) 535

Well, the bare facts reveal it isn't on par with what many look for. Gaming for example. The Apple laptop is a retina display not a 1080P display. The Apple display doesn't cost extra for a simple IPS display. The Onyx is thicker, and has less bandwidth for the ports. 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports are hard to beat. Can the Onyx support two external 5K displays or 4 4K external displays? Can I take a broken Onyx into a brick and mortar and get it swapped or repaired ... Can I use it on a cross country flight or transcontinental flight or will the Onyx battery cut out since Oynx consumes more power and has significantly less watt hours. The "ad" fails to do a real comparison.

Comment Just checking, but ... (Score 1) 535

In other words, the System76 machine with much better specs is less expensive than Apple's

Does it have a ten hour battery life? Four thunderbolt 3 ports? Looks like 2 USB-C ports and 3 USB-3 ports. No so much bandwidth for external devices. Retina Display? Or just 1080P? 76WH battery? Or just 60 WH? Is it .6 inches thick? or over an inch thick? Is it as lightweight? 4 pounds or over 5.5 pounds? Warranty coverage? Can I walk it into a brick and mortar store and get service and repair? Did your configuration use the IPS display? The 200 - 230 watt power supply seems "Yuuggee" so I worry about power consumption. Just asking. Your specs of importance might not be everyone else's ... The Only doesn't seem as competitive to me ...

Comment So now is is down to this ... (Score 1) 28

The Reducing Over-Classification Act of 2010 allows government agencies to pay cash awards to employees who accurately classify government documents consistently ...

So it is down to paying government employees bribes to actually do the job they are hired to do ... Why not fine the ones that over classify the information instead ...

And such plans actually don't work.

Comment Open and Transparent (Score 1) 199

If the candidates were open and transparent AND if voters only cared about ability to govern, then no one could influence the election. But that isn't going to happen. But labor unions by far and away have the largest influence vector for elections, followed by large corporations. Large corporations by the amount of money they contribute, usually have more influence on a continuing basis, but often hedge their bets by donating to both sides in the election. Lately though some large entities (I'm looking at you Facebook!) have stopped any pretense of neutral news reporting and might as well be looked upon as strictly aligned with particular candidates. Labor unions strongly influence elections by the sheer number of their Sheeple following the edicts of their labor union "bosses". Not to say all do, but a large enough number to sway some elections. If all candidates where required to be open and transparent and there was a mechanism to expose when they weren't and if so called fact finding organizations where unbiased and not supportive of any particular candidate, and news organizations were actually news organizations, not thinly veneered arms of entities with a political agenda then the voters would be presented with a neutral view that was unbiased to choose from. Foreign governments influence on American elections is a "red" herring. The domestic influencers actually do influence the outcome.

Comment Be a "Splitter" (Score 1) 319

Separate IMDB into the promotional site and the informational site; spin the informational site off as a 501(c(3)) non-profit. Make the for profit promotional site a permanent trustee and committed donor to the informational site, while IMDB-Pro operates as a for profit site. Even if denied federal non-profit status, they'd still be separate and exempt from the California law, IMNALO (In My Not A Lawyer Opinion)... They might consult some lawyers to see if that's viable. Alternately do what other corporations do when presented a hostile environment by a state. Move and that the jobs out of state.

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