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Comment Re:This is absurdly incorrect on its face (Score 3, Informative) 145

This! I was looking for someone to point this out... Pooling all the different versions of the Raspberry Pi together against the C64 doesn't make sense. Instead they should either have pitted the RPi against all of Commodore (including the VIC-20 and earlier, the 64, 128 and all the Amiga models), or held like the RPi 3 against the C64, which has C64 win by 3:1.

Comment Re:Dont use lastpass (Score 1) 415

Actually, the subscription thing was introduced a year ago. You can still opt for the standalone one-time license though.

1Password is moving to an all subscription pricing model. If someone has purchased 6 they'll receive all updates to 6, but that's it.

From Dave Teare directly "So no, I will not promise that 1Password 7 or 8 will allow licenses to be used instead of memberships. These releases are too far in the future to make any promises about."

Yes iPassword 6 and later are subscription based, but iPassword 4 isn't going out of support, according to John M in support:

When we debuted our subscription service in late 2015, we didn't have a Windows app that was capable of talking to our service. Windows had also undergone a lot of technological improvements since development of 1Password 4 had started, so we decided to start fresh with a new codebase. We also took the opportunity to jump a version number or two, and name the new app "1Password 6" to match our other platforms; we figured the tradeoff of a little confusion for existing customers was worth reducing confusion for all future customers. 1Password 6 for Windows is still in active development along-side 1Password 4 for Windows - one supported app for subscription customers, one supported app for licence customers.

Comment Re:Dont use lastpass (Score 1) 415

+1 for 1Password.

I would have said the same a month ago, but 1Password is changing their pricing to $36 a year subscription.

I'm switching to LastPass.

Actually, the subscription thing was introduced a year ago. You can still opt for the standalone one-time license though. Response on a support ticket on their site:

Password standalone licences are still available for sale; our subscription accounts offer many advantages compared to a standalone licence, and so for almost everyone a subscription account is the best way to go.

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