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Comment Re:Difficulty? (Score 1) 908

Statisticians are still people, and people are susceptible to lazy thinking, confirmation bias, framing effects, and a host of other problems.

But yes, assuming we manage to overcome our inherent limitations when looking at problems and claims, statistics is a necessary skill for a human bullshit-detector. Statistics by itself does not confer the ability to analyse a claim and place it in the proper context.

Submission + - MEGA crowned winner at ANZIA for privacy (

hypnosec writes: ANZIA, The Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards, which celebrates achievement of organizations, businesses and individuals for making significant contributions to development and use of Internet in the ANZ region, has crowned MEGA as one of the winners under its privacy category. Congratulating MEGA’s entire team Dotcom tweeted “I like to thank the entire #Mega team for your hard work. We have just won an Internet Award for PRIVACY. Well done!”

Windows vs Mac Security 513

sdhorne writes "There is a good technical discussion over at InfoWorld on the merits of launchd and what is lacking in a comparable Windows secure solution. It is a throw back to the UNIX vs Windows security discussion that has been hashed out for many years." From the article: "it always traces back to Microsoft's untenable policy of maintaining gaps in Windows security to avoid competing with 3rd party vendors and certified partners. Apple's taking a different approach: What users need is in the box: Anti-virus, anti-spam, encryption, image backup and restore, offsite safe storage through .Mac, and launchd. Pretty soon any debate with Microsoft over security can be ended in one round when Apple stands up, says 'launchd', and sits back down."
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Journal Journal: Update, If you need it.

Woo, No more M$!! I have no Windows on my network :D. I am still trying to convert my sis/parents, parents are leaning waaayyyy towards upgrading to a Mac :)

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Journal Journal: First log, you know, like?

This is my first log, check my site for more stuff: Running on my FC4 box next door :D, soon to dump M$ all thogether, and go for a combo of Linux and iMacs :-) Will try to convert parents/sister soon... god i hope this works

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