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Submission + - Dorkpod DIY Open Source Vertical Electric Vehicle Kits

Tinkersmiths writes: 11/10/2016 (PRESS RELEASE) — The Dorkpod is a DIY customizable urban electric vehicle kit that is flatpack designed for easy shipping. Dorkpods are fun to scoot around on, and can be used at trade shows, festivals, and birthday parties.

The Dorkpod is a lightweight plywood skeleton kit, which can be ordered pre-primed, pre-painted, or in the form of open source plans with cad files. The kit bolts to an up-cycled electric wheelchair chassis, and the combination creates a super affordable vehicle that can be assembled in the timeframe of a weekend.

Designed for the DIY open source sharing economy, we are seeking $3,000 in revenue to purchase a couple of hacks of plywood. The support will be used to ramp up production of Dorkpod inventory, while providing Tinkersmiths Makerspace members learning-based projects for growth experiences.
Our Kickstarter Backer Awards serves the maker enthusiast by offering tiered packages based on pledge amounts. Plans, cad files, and tutorial videos are some of the lower pledge kits. Higher pledge packages contain painted or unpainted kits for end user assembly.

Explore the first generation kits on Kickstarter:

Dorkpod Website: http://dorkpod.com/

Downloadable Press Kit Package: http://dorkpod.com/downloads/p...

Media Contact
Tinkersmiths Makerspace
Brian Williford
(434) 242-9092

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