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Comment Reluctant to change - fear of shared services (Score 1) 95

I found that most companies are afraid to use cloud services because they fear for the safety and integrity of their internal documents. This is whack in so many ways since the majority of the clients I dealt with had worse back-up and security in place than the cloud providers they feared. Enjoy.

Comment Samsung is PRIMA FACIE GUILTY (Score 1) 404

Samsung is a major outlaw electronics manufacturer who has adopted the vision of American capitalism that requires them to steal everything that isn't nailed down and then pay a small fine if-when they ever get caught. FWIW, I won't even argue over Samsung prima facie guilt. They were copying Apple even in the packaging of their products. Enjoy.

Comment Re:Few is not the same as none (Score 3, Informative) 123

I got this one. The larger dinosaurs were dependent on larger trees and vegetation that takes longer to repopulate after the asteroid hit than their life cycles would allow. The growth cycle of a tree is many orders of magnitude slower then reptiles. So at first there would still be a lot of small babies of big (dead) dinosaurs to compete with the smaller dinosaurs (that evolved into birds?) from the short grasses that would emerge post fireball. The large bodied dinos would ultimately die when they got too big to consume enough of the smaller vegetation to allow them to exist. This is as good as example as I can think of off my head: You could, for example, try to reintroduce a particular species of extinct locust that used to exist until the late 1800's and it wouldn't do any good. They only bred in the deepest ruts of the prairies before the vast buffalo herds got slaughtered (Arizona history books mention that were all wearing hoodies). You could theoretically release the first "batch" of artificially created/cloned buffalo locusts into the wild, but when it came to the point in their life cycle to breed, they wouldn't have anyplace to lay their eggs. No herds of buffalo. No eight foot deep ruts in the prairie worn down over eons for them to lay their eggs. Enjoy.

Comment Torture (Score 1) 252

We all know how well torture works because all you have to do is look at Iraq to see how we found all those missing WMDs by torturing the testicles of toddlers in front of their parents. John Yoo authorized that btw. I think he is teaching American kids law in California these days. Enjoy.

Comment Get Creative (Score 1) 435

Massage your resume to the point that it in no way actually resembles your qualifications at all. The more flagrant the lies, the better quality paper it should be printed on. You can be sure that some HR departments (or their outsourced imitators) won't check it a bit. If you can't dazzle them with diamonds, baffle them with bullshit. It has to work because there are countless stories of people faking as doctors and lawyers. You'll get an interview and if you pass the piss test you're hired. How hard can it be? Enjoy.

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