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Comment Giant Hot Tub (Score 2, Funny) 205

In Santa Cruz, it is customary for employees at high tech companies to have a few beers at a local pub after work on Friday, grab some dinner and then head to the CEOs or VPs house for naked hot tubbing. It's a great way to get to know each other and and no one has anything to hide. SCO even had their own hot tub in the office court yard.

Comment Use a domain escrow service - (e.g. (Score 1) 800

A few years ago I purchased a domain from someone in St. Petersburg Russia. I e-mailed the guy and asked him how much he wanted. He was asking for $3,000 which was fine with me. Initially I was not comfortable sending $3,000 to an unknown person in St. Petersburg. So, we used which specializes in selling and buying domain names. The buyer pays and the seller transfers the domain to When confirms the buyers paid and the transfer from the seller, they sending the money to the seller and transfer the domain to the buyer. Safe and simple.

Comment What programming language should you know? English (Score 1) 569

In the last 20 years, I have worked with far too many engineers that could not write a decent document to save their ass. You should be able to read, write and speak English well, including standing in front of a room full of people to give a presentation. At most organizations, the first step for any software development or IT project is a requirements document - written in English (or the appropriate local language.) If you are a great communicator, you will stand above your peers and advance in your career to work on interesting projects, lead teams and make more money.

While in college earning a degree in Computer Engineering, I was only required to take one semester of English. At the end of college my writing skills were appalling. I was forced to improve my writing on the job including writing product reviews for a magazine, requirements documents and documentation. I learned public speaking the hard way - standing in front of 20 people for two weeks training them on our company's product.

So, before you graduate, take technical writing and public speaking classes.

Comment Leave Immediately (Score 1) 315

My first reaction is to leave immediately. If you are so valuable, they should have offered you stock options on day one. Second, the chances that your shares will be worth anything is almost nil. Small companies are not liquid and are unlikely to be liquid any time in the future. If you are planning on staying, counter offer with the following: 1) the CEO makes you a partner in the company with a 10% stake in the company. 2) the company pays profit sharing/bonuses at the end of each year. Treat it like a law firm and you are a lawyer that just made partner. Finally, have another job in the bag before you leave. Right now is not a good time to be unemployed.

Submission + - $99 HD DVD Players & the future of DVDs Player

Timoteo47 writes: Industry analyst John DiLoreto has an interesting column at on the future of DVD players. Today Wal-mart announced that they will be selling a Toshiba HD DVD player for $98.87 on sale until Saturday. Also, this week Variety had a story about Hollywood mogul Brett Ratner (director of the Rush Hour series of movies) and his collection of 10,000 DVDs on his Kaliedescape server.

'Ironically, the same Hollywood elite who support such stringent DVD licensing terms are able to overcome this problem today with a $50,000 server. As reported Monday in Variety, Hollywood mogul Brett Ratner calls his Kaleidescape media server "the coolest thing in the world that I own ...I have my entire movie library on it and on every TV in my house, so I can play any film anytime." He reportedly has more than 10,000 DVDs in his collection.

What about the rest of us? It shouldn't take a 5-figure device to do that.'

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