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Journal Journal: Bad Karma

LOL, that is what happens when you tell the truth.

Isaiah 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

I consider a vote of bad Karma from the Left a badge of honor.

Comment Well, you get what you vote for or submit to... (Score 0) 146

It will be here soon, too. With all the people you have sucking off the government and other taxpayers while screaming for 'security' and a fair share, it will not be long before you have government enforced Eugenics against those who are gifted with Oppositional Defiant Disorder rather than those who were formerly labeled as retarded because their development was retarded due to genetics or environmental poisons. Not only do they want security and a fair share, they want you to admit publicly that you think they are right in living the way they live. F&^k the Constitution, I want my check even if you have to rob someone else to provide it. Communist/Progressive/Socialist/Liberal is just one big dog turd that stinks no matter by which end you hold it. Having executed more than 220 million of their own citizens -and no I am not including casualties of war or collateral damage in that number - I can only surmise that those who find themselves on the Left spectrum listed at the beginning of this paragraph have no more respect for humans with whom they disagree than a butcher does with a cow in the slaughter house. Interesting thing is we are not cattle and we can argue the point rather strenuously when it comes down to it. I see no way that it will avoid coming to that point because those who want to rule INTEND TO RULE NO MATTER WHAT. There is only one way, really, to deal with such insects. One positive take away is that those who vote for such things have to live their entire lives being ground under the boots of those for whom they voted.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 205

Certainly one way of looking at it. I agree with you to an extent, although I think that folks who graduate with hard science degrees such as physics and mathematics do obtain some skills for all their time spent; I hope so anyway. I see it as that it formerly was to create educationally well rounded folks with a 'liberal' education who had enough knowledge to both enjoy and protect the republic in which they found themselves. 'Liberal' in this case has nothing to do with Progressive politics. Now, Progressives have taken over and a 'liberal' education means you are sufficiently indoctrinated with all the important ways and reasons that you should hate your own race and history and why you should feel guilty for being born into a society whose structures make it possible to build personal and generational wealth. I find that a college degree is largely worth exactly dick when trying to find someone with skills you need for your business. Ironically, most companies and government institutions use the possession or lack of a college indoctrination as a weeding out tool for hiring purposes. It brings nothing to the table for the enterprise in most cases, It serves only as a reason for someone to proceed on to the next step in the hiring process or be dismissed out of hand for not having one. One things is for sure, the Progressives in education today have certainly enjoyed a large amount of success in reaching their goals, most of which are listed in The Naked Communist from decades ago.

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