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Comment More than meets the eye.... (Score 1) 153

Bit of networking and cpu's in the cars also means we're just short of losing major choices. Soon you won't be ALLOWED to speed, waste gas or go where you are not allowed to go (what do you mean you want to drive across the country on vacation? Not if your car won't allow it...) First it will be for 'insurance reasons', then for the 'common good'. Say goodbye to more basic freedoms....

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 259

Everything in the Universe seems to follow a bell-shaped curve. There may be benevolent civilizations out there but on the other side of the curve there are likely to be Klingons (who dont take prisoners) and Kzinti (who eat their prisoners) as well. Hope that we meet the right ones first.

Comment Never gonna happen... (Score 0) 216

Think you've got people complaining about EM sicknesses now? Just wait till they find out about this. Power drain and costs per mile are going to put it too far out of reach (look around at the crumbling road infrastructure we have now and ask yourself if you also want a few hundred amps going through there, too...)

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