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Submission + - Minimum rented bedroom size proposed by UK government (

Mark Tillison writes: The paper, announced by Mr Lewis, sets out plans to improve standards of shared homes by extending mandatory licensing to smaller and medium-sized properties.

Any landlord who fails to obtain a licence would be liable to pay a potentially unlimited fine.

Mr Lewis said: "It is simply unacceptable that people are living in cramped, unsafe accommodation provided by landlords who are more interested in a quick profit than the safety or welfare of their tenants.

What a bunch of crap. This is merely landlords supplying to meet demand. If the market didn't tolerate this, they wouldn't pay for tiny rooms. The demand is created because of a shortage of affordable housing — that's a government and planning issue, not a landlord issue. Sure, there are scumbag landlords out there, but this is a lazy scapegoating exercise.

Submission + - Do Google+ Hashtags Increase Visibility? (

Mark Tillison writes: A study of Google+ Posts with and without hashtags over a two month period reveals some interesting results.

Posts without hashtags gained more comments, but those with hashtags had more reshares and +1s.

It's a shame there's no comparitive data for view/reach of posts.

Also see How to Construct the Perfect Google+ Post.

Submission + - 2 New Facebook Tools for Local Business Advertisers (

Mark Tillison writes: Facebook introduced two new features aimed at local business advertisers: an easier way to automatically add information via the Locations tool, and local insights.

The Locations update is available globally through Facebookâ(TM)s ads application-programming interface, with Power Editor coming on board shortly, and local insights are rolling out to pages in the U.S. âoestarting today and over the coming weeks.â

This is just one of a slew of recent Facebook updates. including the rumours of a dislike button, an emoji test and a new slideshow ad format.

Submission + - 5 Ways Anyone Can Use Shopify Buy Buttons to Sell on Any Website (

Mark Tillison writes: Very neat. You don't need a full blown eCommerce store for a handful of products. With the introduction of the Shopify Buy Button, you're able to give your shoppers the same experience with a frictionless purchasing process â" a step forward in the world of online shopping that benefits you as a business owner, and the public as potential customers.

Submission + - Twitter Hearts - Really Necessary? (

Mark Tillison writes: I have to say, I don't get it. Aside from the annoying misspelling of "favourite" for us Brits which finally got resolved a few months back, what the hell was wrong with a Favourite?

I can't see that a heart means anything different than a Favourite did.

Submission + - Carbon-based paper folds itself up, walks away (

sciencehabit writes: Researchers around the globe have developed a variety of sheetlike polymers and gels capable of folding in response to changes in temperature, pH, or other stimuli. Now, a team in China reports that it has designed a carbon-based paper that takes the next step forward, literally. In this case, the sheet is made from an ultrathin carbon-based material called graphene oxide that folds, walks, and even turns corners on its own. Down the road, such materials could prove valuable for making sensors able to detect humidity, light, and electric fields, as well as insectlike robots capable of carrying far more than their body weight.

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