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Comment Pirate Party of Canada (Score 2, Informative) 347

The Pirate Party is spreading across the globe, and in spite of a corporate war against culture, it is not going away anytime soon. These issues are not easy, and when they are eventually resolved they will not satisfy everyone, but unless all the players come to the table, all that remains for the average citizen of the world is to play the role of pirate. A role given to them by the buggy whip salesmen of the last century who will not allow their business model to grow.

Comment Re:Bribery (Score 1) 773

I tried your link, and that was impressive. I had no idea how easy it was to take complete control of an OSX system, and thank whatever diety serves your interests that it let me know about the mighty holes in Linux. Now that I know that I will certainly look into switching to something more secure like Win7...too bad though, as it's been almost tens years with Linux. I can't imagine how I got so lucky as to not get botted.

Ok. I just peed myself a bit from laughing so hard. :-)

Google is today's verb for web searching, and Bing just became my verb for blowing smoke up someone's ass.

"Watch and learn, as I Bing this old widow out of her retirement savings"

Comment I think Mandriva is getting a raw deal from us. (Score 5, Insightful) 267

I have been using Mandriva since the days of Mandrake ... 8.1 specifically ... and frankly each time I have tried switching to any other distro I always find myself coming back. Not that the other distros are bad, but I honestly think Mandriva has the hardware detection down cold, and has been routinely better than any others. When the 'buntu showed up I tried switching, and every iteration had a deal breaker. I stopped trying at the LTS edition. Today the only other distro I use is Zenwalk, not some mainstream hotshot like Suse, fedora or Ubuntu.

I guess I am asking, why is it that such a good, arguably superior, distro seems to have to pull teeth just to get a few scraps of publicity, while some others seem to be living in some sort of reality distortion field?

Comment Re:What languages? (Score 2, Funny) 1359

... of course, if he really wants to know what it's like here on the west coast of Canada, just buy everything Michael Moore ever did and imagine everyone you know espousing THAT all day long, and then pour all of your money into the pocket of the nearest political leader. That should give you about the same feeling I get every morning when I wake up ... oh yeah, and don't forget to litter your lawn with junkies and drug dealers for the real west coast experience.

Inflatable Tower Could Climb To the Edge of Space 296

MonkeyClicker writes with mention of a proposal that could see an inflatable tower helping to carry people to the edge of space without the need for rocket propulsion. This would function in place of previous space elevator designs which featured a large cable and could be completed much faster, if proponents of the project are to be believed. "To stay upright and withstand winds, full-scale structures would require gyroscopes and active stabilization systems in each module. The team modeled a 15-kilometer tower made up of 100 modules, each one 150 meters tall and 230 meters in diameter, built from inflatable tubes 2 meters across. Quine estimates it would weigh about 800,000 tonnes when pressurized — around twice the weight of the world's largest supertanker."

Comment Re:Since when does McDonald's want 'sticky' custom (Score 1) 500

Canada has some of the most expensive cellular broadband rates in the world ... if not THE most expensive. On top of that, our phones tend towards the antiquated and the under-featured, our networks are old and spotty, and our telcos are masters of creative billing. We are quite lucky in one way though ... we will be getting the G1 sometime this summer. I just hope they don't disable every single feature that makes the Google OS worth having.

In our current backwards situation, it has occured to me many times that RIM was probably created so that the Canadian creator would have a phone that didn't need a spark plug,..

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