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Comment Re:At least someone appreciates work-life balance (Score 1) 477

Compensating for reading work emails at home is fair. It's no different to taking a work call at home.

Having said that, what about giving the company a rebate when you aren't working at work? I mean if we are talking about being compensated for every single minute of work you do while not at work? Who hasn't taken a personal call while at work, or checked / replied to a personal email?

Comment Re:Not so sure about this. (Score 2) 46

I'd also point out that this very idea has been tried several times already, never with much success.

I worked on a project called Fundry, that was exactly this. Developers could add projects and setup paypal etc attached to it, then users could "put their money where their mouth is" so to speak and directly fund features they wanted. The idea being features would pay for themselves and developers wouldn't end up implementing features nobody wanted.

But alas it ended up failing, as the poster above mentioned, we weren't the first to try it, kickstarter beat us to the bunch by about 2 weeks but we continued on hoping we were targetting a different market than kickstarter.

We ended up open sourcing the code in case someone else wanted to run with the idea, I wonder if the new mob used it at all? We'll probably never know.

Comment Re:The future is (kinda) here (Score 1) 204

Loving this idea. I just rebuilt my office to house the treadmill on the wall behind where i work, so anytime i want a break i can just jump on. As I read this I turned to look at it for a minute and yeah, it makes a lot of sense, I could quite easily strap some spare chipboard to the arms of it and sit my laptop on there without a worry. I just wonder if walking at 2mph will affect my typing.

Comment Re:The List (Score 1) 470

#12. Fewer surprise restarts
How about none? Please? The only surprise restart should be a STOP error, and at that point, it's a hardware/driver issue. All other restarts should be optional, like in sane operating systems.

I'm pretty sick of Windows being judged poorly on this. I used a macbook for 5 years and it required just as many "surprise restarts" as windows. Hell it had to restart one day when it updated iTunes. And I've used ubuntu on my laptop for the past 2 years and while there are a lot less, there are still reboots for software updates. I never bother to check what they are, but they definitely happen at least once a month.

In terms of updates in general, ubuntu gets updates just about every day, which is much more annoying than OSX and Windows combined. Sure you don't have to accept them, and you can tweak the frequency but I like to judge things on their defaults, as I am sure there are plenty of things people hate about Windows that can be tweaked in the registry or something the same way you can tweak linux with configs in /etc or whatever.

And then there's the security side of it. People crack it at windows for asking to confirm/allow every time you try and do some admin task. Well, OSX/Linux ask for the root password every single time. Hell OSX once asked me for my password 3 times during the same software update. I know for sure I'd rather just click ALLOW instead of typing my password.

Comment Re:Subscribers (Score 1) 100

4. People should be able to subscribe to my feed with an RSS reader

AFAIK, all of this is currently impossible in G+. So... it's a downgrade for the moment.

This part is an issue with G+ as a whole, more so than just the reader part. Circles allow me to "push" content out to certain users. They don't allow others to "pull" content. I may post many things to G+, some tech things, some just personal photos and stuff. If you add me to a circle in G+ you get everything I push out to you.

If they solve that problem, then they can solve your RSS problem above, since yours RSS subscribers can just follow your "RSS" tagged stuff on G+ and put it in their "RSS" circle I guess.

I guess you /could/ do it if you are OCD about maintaining your circles. You could maintain your own "RSS" circle and make sure to only post stuff to that circle that you would normally share in your reader. Would be a nightmare to maintain that circle though. Simply tagging a post with some categories should enough other people to only follow certain categories from you.

Comment Alternatives? (Score 1) 213

Out of curiosity, what are people using instead? I was looking to upgrade from the old noise xbox about 2 years ago because it couldn't play 720p, so I went with the ps3. It suffers because it can't play mkv but has some conversion tools, but still I find many avi files it can't play. Would definitely be interested in alternative hardware to install XBMC onto other than my xbox, so long as it doesn't require me assembling it myself or any crazy linux installs trying to get hdmi and 3d cards to play nicely.

Comment CushyCMS (Score 1) 240

The reason you are using a CMS is because your client can't edit HTML to save themselves. So bells and whistles of joomla/wordpress never made sense to me.

That's what I like about CushyCMS, usability is not even a question.

Granted, you can't host it yourself, but whatever, it's free.

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