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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 249

At the same time, consumers should learn to always ensure Autorun is disabled, and scan any device for malware before they use it on their computer."


It's getting to the point where running a computer is turning into a full time job. I need to scan every single product I buy before using it? Isn't that why I bother to pay a premium to get name-brand products from legitimate outlets?

I'm annoyed that the ultimate time-saving device is becoming more and more of a chore. I'm expected to spend hours researching the ways in which to harden my browser against cookie tracking, to rate virus scanners using contradictory and confusing standards, to assess information that requires a degree in computer science everytime I want to get a PC game to work, to pull out my law degree everytime I use an online product or dive through an EULA, and now this?

I mean come on, where's it going to end? Should I do independant surge tests on the next microwave I buy before plugging it in? What about my printer, does it need a scan too? Should I take my newly purchased tires to an independant assessor? How about that new CD I bought?

I hate to be a buzz kill here, but it has been this way a long long time. Sure 15 years ago it wasnt as common, but if you really got a floppy disk from a friend and didn't scan it, you was asking for a virus. EULAs have been around in some form just as long. Quite honestly computer users who feel as you do, that dont take the responsibility of using a computer serious (yes I said and meant responsibility) cause a shit-load of problems for others. These systems was created to be simple stupid and now you have a stupid problem. If, however, people had bothered to really learn a PC, learn to setup programs/games, learned security like many of us did before it hit the fan then we might have had a market driving for use/security instead of use/stupidity.

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