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Comment I did this 4 months ago... (Score 1) 121

I had a very similar assignment, and identical concerns with my final project at school. I've programmed for years and my friend/partner didn't have as much experience as me.

We tried to split up everything evenly. We broke down the application in to "actions" and drew use case diagrams for everything so we knew everything that the app needed to do from front to back.

After diagramming that, we turned those into class diagrams and a database diagram (which he knew how to do well).

From there we split into what we knew best. He designed the entire UI and I architected the solution and created blank projects with blank method headers. This made it really easy for him to start filling in the code.

All he needed to do was look at the method signature, read the comments, and write code to accomplish that atomic class. Rince, lather, repeat.

We ended up getting an A+ in the course and he learned a lot about coding.


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