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Journal Journal: A rare one indeed

What a night this has been, first my day starts off with this wonderful dream. I didn't want to wake up I was having too much fun being in heaven. Even after my alarm went off I still stayed in bed, but I figured I'd have to get to work eventually so I finished the dream and tried to wake up. Anyway so I get to work I was surprised to see it so clean because only 2 hours earlier there were about 300+ people in the bowling ally. So I figured I was set for the night "figuring all I had to do was stock" boy was I wrong. around 9:00pm we turn off our lights and turn on the music/black lights to start out extreme bowling. well 1 hours later we had 5 lanes open out of 48. this is the first time in this companies history this has happened. and I got ass reamed because of it (i work in the restaurant) I feed these hungry people but today I had to do it ALL ALONE so as I'm trying to deal with customers and get food ready I'm tiring to be as nice as possible, luckily they all saw how much "work" I had to do so they were cool about it. but I knew I wasn't going to get any other work done tonight. well 3 hours later I'm doing my closing and I relies I've still 2 more hours of shit to do, and so I get a call from a co worker "can you work for me tomorrow, we can switch shifts u can work mine (10am-3pm) with yours (3pm-10pm) now I'm alright with working that because of the reason she gave me. *you will not know about this reason* thus I now "awake at 4:30am" have to work in less than 6 hours need to find each some major caffeine or try to take a small nap, I screwed my self on that one I can live with it. but today I found out my hours for next week... uhh.... 10... That's it just TEN hours, (this week I worked almost 36) how da hell am I going to pay my bills off 10 HOURS OF WORK!? so I ask around why am I getting ass forked, only to come and find out that customers are complaining about me *me one of the nicest ppl you know -sadly-* go WTF!? I didn't know that was possible... well apparently a wile ago (4 weeks) I told a customer that we were out of something we still had, just because I didn't want to make it. "now I know this might have taken place because I know my self *thus I don't remember do to horrible memory loss due to working a job I dislike* and I figured I'd do something like that. but then I got to thinking wait a minute how da hell did he know we still had it? let alone anyone he told that we had it. maybe I didn't know we had it and I was miss informed? yet I'm getting ass reamed and I'm not taking it like a man. so now I'm guessing I'm about 10 second away from getting fired let alone 1 mistake from not ever having any hours "yet still being employed -yeah somehow they can do that-" so I'm SOL and I've go nothing to fall back on except my dad and that's not going to be pretty if I do that. so here I am someone with enough certs to make bill gates flinch and an ability to work with computers to make Steve Jobs wonder why I don't have a job. this gets on my nerves sometime wondering what kind of money I could have made if my mother didn't throw me out on the street right after i got accepted to the collage I wanted to go in. all I had was the money saved up to pay for my classes well that soon went away to pay for my move up here so I could live with someone who wouldn't charge me rent. well 3 months after I moved he charged me rent well yeah I had a job but that's not the point he told me he wouldn't and he went back on his word. sadly this isn't the point. for not planning on getting thrown out of my house by a mother who "was" cool and then became a psycho bitch who blames her OWN kids for fking up her life. Bizarrely I thought it was the PARENTS fault for FKING up there KIDS lives. so here I am in Portland OR tiring to find a job that doesn't pay me $7.25 an hour to flip burgers or deal with stupid people all day. ( I would mind if I were getting paid at least $10 but 7.25 is not worth dealing with them) so I'm stuck, here... alone, no friends *except roommates, even then I don't call them my friends* who I'm sure would just Love for me to leave (not really since I pay most of the bills, and do "ALL" of the house work, remember the "ALL" part) I work at a shit job that I don't mind working at if they paid me enough to make a living off. oh by the way I work and live with the same people both of my roommates including the new one moving in are ALL working at the bowling ally... I'm SOOOOOOOOOO not going to do that anymore I'm about ready to quit just because of us all working there. I can handle it but I'm not going to let it get out of control. I'm going to try and get another job even if its 7.25 and working with people I don't know, at least its not a place where roomers are going to start then I'll get blamed since I'm the youngest in the house. anyway life is hanging by a thread but for now I can live with it. luckily I'm not about to go on a killing rampage and murder everything in site. sadly I have to wait for my sword to be finished, its on a waiting list and the guy told me mid next year at the earliest. oh yeah help me out to get a Mac since I love them so much and I need one to finish my novel and my two movies. here is the link. and trust me they do send these out, its just hard to get 10 people to help you out, and its at most $30 and at least $4 that you have to pay to help out. (better than asking for the money my self I guess)
User Journal

Journal Journal: First day

Well, its my first journal in a long time, first one I had was a pen and paper, but I never seem to have one of those how that I have a cell phone and laptop where ever I go now. I posted this mainly because I'm sure people will read it "duh" then again It might never get seen, either way I'll live to see another day. Anyway on to the rantish stuff. I had a horrible week, first it started with one of are bosses calling in sick and saying he's got appendicitis, or something and can't work for a good 4 weeks. So this means everyone's going to have to pull more than normal, even tho we're already under manned considerably. Then I looked at my house and they sucked, and by sucked I don't mean a lot of them I mean them being back to back with in 6-10 hours apart from each other. Then I remembered that my mom was in well the place with the padded walls, and I still need her help on my taxes. *First year of taxes I figured I'd need some kind of help* my dad's no good he just treats me like some kind of roommate. But today wasn't too bad I got to hang out with some hot chicks, and such. Something I don't normally do, to the fact I love my computer more *hugs computer*

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