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Comment Re:My Mon Cal sense is going off... (Score 1) 631

It's a trap no matter what. Unless you are contributing more than that big corporations are to political campaigns, then there will be holes through this thing the next time the public blinks. Government control will allow them to keep the local loop under their control. It might be better in the short term, but in the long term it will be the same. I don't think the FCC action is bad, and in fact I'm glad for the moment, but the long game has always belonged with the corporations. We need to get Aaron Swartz-ish on them. And, until corporations aren't the ones putting candicates on the ballot, we need to keep on them forever. Keep your eye on the FCC.

Comment Sure they care about competion (Score 2) 77

That's why almost everywhere in the US there is a monopoly on Cable TV and Telephone, which also mafically translates into a monopoly or biopoloy for Internet access and municipal fiber is supressed. Seems like those could be the actions of a money whoring jackss who wants the US to have crappy Intrnet, not someone who embaraces comptition.

Just saying.

Comment There is more to this, from 2012 (Score 1) 311

DENTON, Texas (CN) - A "revenge pornography" website gained unauthorized access to nude photographs of a woman and posted them on the Internet, the woman claims in court.
          Shelby Conklin sued Verisign, Katz Global Media, and, in Denton County Court.
          Pinkmeth is her main target. She claims Tucson-based Katz sold "anonymous hosting" Internet services to PinkMeth, and she wants Verisign to disable the PinkMeth website. ...

Comment Google Interview (Score 3, Interesting) 370

I'm a normal looking guy, but older than most in the computer industry at ~46. I have some white hair, but otherwise look young for my age. During my Google interview it was clear that the people I was talking to were extremely surprised to meet me. I had to check to see if I had a potted plant on my head or a 3rd arm growing from my chest. I could tell it was the age that put them off. I did extremely well in the interview, but based on the reactions I got I did not expect to get the job, which I did not. No reason was given, but that is their normal policy.

Comment AT&T (Score 1) 85

A strong AT&T has been the Internet ruin for a long time. They have lobbyests and have far more input than most. It's their fine work that kept the telephone under their control for almost 100 years. A strong AT&T is part of the reason South Korea has Intenet speeds 200 times faster at half the price. AT&T doesn't care about anyone other than AT&T and have proven this over and over again whenever they can.

Basically, here AT&T and the wireless carriers are asking the vioctim to go out of a 2nd date with their rapest.

The US and the world would be a better place without AT&T. It's time we grow up and throw out the monoplies, and the congressmen they own.

Comment Re:Tremendous Respect (Score 5, Insightful) 304

It's far more clever than that. Normally the small business owner can appeal for help and fight. This is something that works for the public good to keep goernment in check, but they made even asking for help impossible. 1st rule of FISA Club is you don't talk about FISA Club. The act of mearly asking for help would land a person in prison.

Comment Re:USA, the land of freedom (Score 4, Insightful) 304

This is a false argument. If a country is wrong in what it's doing, it's wrong. The US government is wrong in this case. They should have marrowed the search to specific accounts. They wanted to capture all communication, which cannot be justified without false statements. If it's wrong it's wrong, even if the person pointing it out is in a worse situation. People in far worse countries have always looked to the US to set the example. They have just as much right, if not more, to feel let down. We are not the leaders of the free world as much as we are the leaders of the mass spying on the free world.

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