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Journal Journal: Today's Moderations

I feel like commenting on my moderations today. I modded as Redundant four comments from the Games Lead To Violence and Drugs? post about a study showing a link between violent gaming and drugs and alcohol.

There are two things you can count on in the comments of one of these stories: "I play violent video games and I'm not violent" comments and "correlation != causation" comments. I chose to go after the first type this time because comments of this type add absolutely nothing to the discourse because everyone seems to have the bright idea that their one singular experience is the norm for everyone else in the world. Dumbasses. This is almost as bad as the "we know that violent games don't lead to violent behavior" comments. Ugh, as if we're the all-knowing, all-seeing people in the world.

I'll go after the stupid "correlation != causation" comments next time. Geez, ok, we get it. You grasp this one tiny aspect of programming and you think you're the shiznit for making some sort of non-programming statement with it. This might have been cool the first time anyone ever did it, but now it's just trite.

Like me.

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Journal Journal: Thoughts of an Eagles Fan After Super Bowl XXXIX 3

So What's It Like...

So what's it like to be on top?
So what's it like to be #1?
So what's it like when the darkness parts?
So what's it like when you have the fun?

I was born at Delaware County Hospital in the Philadelphia suburbs on March 16, 1980. Though I now live in Virginia, I lived in or near Philadelphia for most of my life.

So what's it like when William Penn smiles?
So what's it like to parade down Broad?
So what's it like to cheer a champ?
So what's it like when your team's not a fraud?

The last time one of the four major Philadelphia teams won its league title was 1983, when the Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA title. I was too young to remember.

So what's it like when victory comes?
So what's it like when your team's the best?
So what's it like when no one's better?
So what's it like to spit on the rest?

I've seen the Edmonton Oilers deny my Flyers the Stanley Cup. I've seen the Los Angeles Lakers stomp my Sixers. I've seen Mitch Williams throw a pitch to Joe Carter.

So what's it like when people will say,
"Yes, your team, they won it that day."
So what's it like climb the mountain
and drink from that sweet golden fountain?

And now I have seen my Eagles fall in Super Bowl XXXIX to the World Champion New England Patriots, 24-21. I have now seen my city's four major sports teams fall at the final hurdle.

So what's it like, to think, to know?
So what's it like to grin, to glow?
So what's it like to smile, to bask?
So what's it like to wear that mask?

I have seen my teams play through over 80 seasons without winning a title. I cannot root for any pro teams but them.

I am a Philadelphia sports fan.

And these are my thoughts.

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Journal Journal: Cobi Snatches a Point at the Death!

Man, I wish I had cable so I could watch these U.S. Soccer games. But I'll have to settle for's Matchtracker (which is actually pretty slick.)

But how 'bout that Cobi Jones? God, the man's ageless, you know, with his 9202930752935 caps. BTW, I just love the phrase "snatches a point at the death!" (he scored in second-half stoppage time to tie the game at 1 after Panama had gone ahead in the 71st minute.) So it's a shame that with 5 points from 3 games, we're only 1 point ahead of the 3rd place team, but but with 2 games at home to come, we're in good shape.

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Journal Journal: Badged Cybercops Patrolling Chatrooms? Right... 2

CNN's running this story right now about various governments forming a global task force to patrol chat rooms (primarily looking for child porn.) Now, here's the weird part:

Under the plan, an officer would appear in a chat area from time to time to observe conversations and would be identified with a type of "cyber badge" or icon for the "Virtual Global Task Force" to let everyone in the chatroom know, Gamble said.

What the hell does that mean, and how would it work? Would they have to force the operator of every single chat room on the internet to allow a setup like this? And what's to stop somebody else from imitating one of these guys?

In other words, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yo? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

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Journal Journal: **No Title**

So in today's other news, Smarty Jones lost at the wire to Birdstone in the Belmont Stakes.


As a 24-year old Philly native, I don't know what it's like for a Philly team to win a championship. The city's last title was in 1983, and obviously, I don't remember a lick of it.

God fucking damnit.

I have no idea what it's like when a team you've rooted for as long as you can remember finally wins a championship. We've come close several times, but invariably, we fail. We can't even win by proxy (Philadelphia Park, Smarty Jones' home track, is actually in Bensalem, PA.) We can't win when one of our college bball teams gets hots for a full season and makes a run. We can't win when we make it to the conference championship game 3 straight years. We can't win when we play Toronto in the World Series. We can't beat the Lakers or the Red Wings.


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Journal Journal: What's with the Friends bashing? 1

So many people watch the show, yet I never hear anyone talk about how much they like it. All I hear is one comment after another about what a crappy show it is and how they're all soulless and shallow yuppies. Any argument along the lines of, "If so many people watch it, they've got to be doing something right, don't they?" is met with, "Now you see how stupid Americans are."

I think lots of people bash Friends because it's trendy. It makes you sound smart to bust out all these critiques about the show that you heard from someone else.

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Journal Journal: Rack Tony Kornheiser, He's Out

Well, it's over. Tony Kornheiser did his last show on ESPN Radio today. Now, there are rumblings that he'll be back in a local context in several months, and I do live in the Washington, D.C. area, so there's hope, but still, I don't know what I'll listen to from 10-1 at work anymore. I don't know about this new show, "The Herd". I'll give it a chance, but I hope it isn't like shock jock shows, because those are just garbage. It took me a long time to realize it, but they never had current athletes on the show, and this was "a good thing". Let's face it, current athletes don't have much to say that's interesting, and we don't need to hear from them.

Anyone else here a faithful listener who's also upset like me?

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Journal Journal: The Awards Show for the Awards Shows (or Square One rulz) 2

This article on CNN is about a new awards show starting up in Britain called the Awards Awards. Now, this has been needed for a long time, but the article mentions an episode of Absolutely Fabulous in which Edina Monsoon attends the "PR PR Person's Awards Dinner of the Month Lunch."

However, the PBS children's series Square One beat them to the punch by a mile. The only reference I can actually find to it on Google is here, but Square One's ongoing crime series Mathnet had a mysterious revolving around the ASFAS, or the Awards Show for the Awards Shows, and the AP writer has failed miserably to cite this earlier mention of such a concept.

Damn AP.

Journal Journal: The happiest day of my life!

This is the happiest day of my life!

Why, you ask?


There are three things that I base my self-worth on: 1) Hits to my website 2) Comments in my Slashdot journal 3) submissions accepted by Slashdot.

This is better than the day that the doctor told me I didn't have worms.

For the record, it's not posted yet, but it'll be the story about Rockstar announcing GTA: San Andreas.

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Journal Journal: Gross Injustice on GameSurge (Running With Scissors sucks)

Ok, here's the deal. The GamesNet IRC network was recently sued over the domain, so they merged with another network to form Inevitably, there are channel conflicts. One of the channels I idled/chatted in for at least two years was #postal, the official IRC channel of Clan Postal, a QuakeWorld Team Fortress (and other games) clan. Now, for years, Running With Scissors, the makers of the worthless games Postal and Postal 2 (possessing extreme racism and homophobia) has had #postal2 for their IRC channel on GamesNet.

Once the merger happened, the dumbfucks at GameSurge gave them #postal without even consulting our channel and they won't give it back. The GameSurge people aren't helping us either. Now, I'm not a member of Clan Postal, but the clan has existed in one form or another for about 7 years on GamesNet (same with the channel.) So basically, GameSurge caved in to corporate racists. Good fucking game.

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Journal Journal: This is hilarious... 2

Ok, so, as few to none of you know, I have a strategy guide for the old NES game Contra here. Apparently, some Thai gaming site did a retrospective or something on the game and they included my site as a link. So my site got about 10 times its normal traffic yesterday. Now, this is cool and all, but a couple of things:

1) Can anyone read it and tell me what it says?

2) They ripped off some of the screenshots from my site, but on the other hand, I ripped them out of the game, so I don't know what sort of ownership I have over them, anyway.

A little help?

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