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Submission + - Bush Administration Emails Recovered (

Tibor the Hun writes: CNN reports that the millions of "missing" Bush administration emails have been recovered. Unfortunately it could be years before we get access to their juicy details. The emails were highly sought out because of the administration's alleged involvement in politicized firings of US prosecutors.

Submission + - Apple's Next Move

Tibor the Hun writes: "Hot on the heels of previous /. story of Kindle disappointment, iLounge brings us a scoop of a possible Apple tablet. Not a netbook, not a larger iPhone, but a device focused on the literary world, much like Kindle. A device that would organize and present all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, books, even textbooks, with a web browser, in a lightweight, simple to use package. Reminiscent of the past, where many different MP3 players were on the market, but steadily overshadowed by iPod, will this be a device to do for e-print what iPod did for the music? With an established media store (iTMS), widespread client (iTunes), proven hardware, a solid software base, and a dedication to the education field, Apple could create a whole new market and profit like mad. By not offering a full feature general purpose computer they sidestep the issue of segmenting their own laptop market, yet capturing the base of avid readers who don't have a great need to edit office documents. For those /.ers who care about such things, the only question remains is if this device would have more space than a Nomad?"

Submission + - Global Warming Irreversible, NOAA Scientist Finds (

Tibor the Hun writes: NPR reports that Susan Solomon, one of the world's top climate scientists, finds in her new study that global warming is irreversible. Even if we could immediately cease our impact on pollution and greenhouse gasses emissions, global climate change would continue for many hundreds of years. The reason, according to the study, is the saturation of oceans with carbon dioxide. Her study looked at the consequences of long term effect in terms of sea level rise and drought.
Certainly adds more credence to theories suggesting that dealing with this event is beyond our capabilities. (Not that we should stop looking at alternative energy, or ways to improve the environment.)


Submission + - Apple Climbs Into Third Place in U.S. PC Market (

Tibor the Hun writes: According to Gartner and IDC, Apple now has between 7.8 and 8.5% of market share. While those numbers are not astonishing, they are not insignificant, and their growth does not seem to be slowing down.
Will the pearly gates of acceptance open up for them once they reach the magic 10%, and will that have a positive effect on desktop Linux adoption? Hard to tell, but it's good to see that normal people (not just us geeks) are choosing to go with a different OS, rather than staying with the headache inducing Windows.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Apple delivers where VISTA fails

Tibor the Hun writes: While Microsoft is having a tough time selling VISTA on its own merits, Apple is posting record quarterly profits due in part to strong laptop and home computer sales as well as the exceptional sales of iPods. Blowing out even the optimistic "analyst" expectations Apple profits are at an all time high. More information from the horse's mout can be found here.
While Microsoft has a strong foothold on the market due to piracy and its monopolistic practices, strong sales of Apple hardware are showing that people are starting to chose and pay for a system that does not require constant maintenance and babysitting.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - NIN to release next album in GarageBand files

Tibor the Hun writes: Similar to what they did for their last CD, NIN have released a song from their upcoming CD as a multitrack GarageBand file. What's more, according to their website, they plan on releasing all of their songs from the upcoming release this way. For those amongst us looking at the world through broken windows, GarageBand is Apple's music recording and editing software.
It seems that NIN understand that involving fans into their music is actually good for their business. Hopefully we'll see more artists take this fan-friendly approach. Who knows, maybe some day Metallica will release a song of their own this way?

Submission + - Doom on Zune, claims Dvorak

Tibor the Hun writes: In a short ramble, John C. Dvorak gets all upset over Microsoft's review kit for Zune. To quote the eternal troll: If anything is doomed to failure, it is the Microsoft Zune... How about referring to it as a "piece of crap?" cNet also reports that a Best Buy store in San Francisco has already sold 10 of them!
On the day of the big release, it seems that most critics agree: even though it has more space than Nomad, as well as wireless, the Zune is still lame. How about you Taco? It is only fair that you give us your 3 sentence review:)

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