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Submission + - SPAM: What Really Happened to the NeXT Cronies?

Tiber writes: "This was it. The last straw. The boiling point. Critical mass. Terminal velocity. Heart palpitation city. For the last time, Phil Schiller had embarrassed Steve and his pantheon of ex-NeXT, Inc. executives at a board meeting in a series of "rotten Apple" (Steve's phrase for Apple's 1985-1996 era) antics that had caused stock to drop more than three dollars at the close of that day. Steve was doing Phil a favor by letting him stay on as president of worldwide marketing, as all other executive roles had been filled by Steve's NeXT cronies. But no more!"
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Submission + - SPAM: Rob Malda, ESR at Odds

Tiber writes: "Eric interjected before Rob could go on. "Ah yes. You see, I like to add a shot of Jäger to it to give it a little kick."

"No," Rob replied with anger rising in his voice, "You fucking raging alcoholic. Your semen tastes like old motor oil. I think you may have ruptured both of your testicles and now your colon is shooting diarrhea out of your cock-hole."

"What!? You little fudge-packing piece of shit!" ESR threatened, "Ditch one of my office parties because Hemos calls up and says he's lonely, will you? I bet that's what happened. Well, guess who I'll be recommending we lay off at the next LNUX board meeting? How do you like that, Taco?""

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Comment Re:Nope, this is very 2000s (Score 1) 285

I actually have a degree from Drexel in computer science.

I work as a sysadmin.


I was working for companies which could afford to outsource and I got tired of the contract-to-contract life, or the developer-to-outsourced-labor life.

They're going to have a hard time replacing the guy who installs and configures the OS, and more importantly get's the outsourced labors application running. Once I figured out the low quality crap was coming in from India and coming in by the boatload, I realized the sysadmin's niche was actually making it work.

I've enjoyed a stable job ever since the lightbulb went on that the sysadmin is the broker of the applications.

Comment troll article is trolling (Score 3, Insightful) 460

It appears neither side is able to decisively gain the upper hand, but one thing seems clear â" only full-time, for-profit professionals are able to consistently beat BD+.

That's like saying "only government funded, for profit individuals have any hope of working on the space shuttle". But the space shuttle isn't represented in the majority of homes yet. Come back when enough people have BD+ to make it interesting.

Comment I ended up filing a case (Score 3, Informative) 800

It doesn't matter if it's bad faith or not, ICANN wants the domain to have a useful purpose. That's why people put the "search engines" up. However, the likelyhood of them showing up to defend their useful purpose is slim to none. The problem you have is that in order to file with ICANN for ownership of a domain, you need about $3000.

Last time I had to do it, it took about a month. This was last year. We filled out the paperwork, then our "dispute agency" (ICANN itself delegates to an agency) contacted us for MORE paperwork, then the other guy didn't reply because he had used an "anonymous registrar" so we won by default.

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