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Submission + - Jack Thompson Attacks Wendy's for Wii Promotion

Riley Munoz writes: "Hey Slashdot, Our balmy friend, Jack Thompson, continues his "heroic" crusade against violent video games by attacking Wendy's upcoming kids meal promotion for the Nintendo Wii version of Manhunt 2. Game Almighty received a copy of the letter today written by Thompson to the CEO of Wendy's pleading for the promotion to be cancelled. Sample paragraph: "A dear friend of mine worked for Wendy's and with Dave Thomas closely for years. From that I know that Dave Thomas never would have tolerated the use of Wendy's good name to promote Nintendo's Wii, not with this game available on the Wii platform. " /Jack_Thompson_Targets_Wendys_Due_to_Wii_Promotion / Thanks for any links! Riley Munoz -Community Manager"

Submission + - Overseas Hackers Steal 22,396 SSN's

ShelteredCoder writes: Got an email today to check out a story about the University of Missouri. A hacker broke into one of the systems and stole a bunch of SSN's. From the story:

A recent attack on the University of Missouri system computer database allowed overseas intruders to retrieve 22,396 names and Social Security numbers of individuals associated with the university...

Submission + - DOD Security Breach

Anonymous Coward writes: "you may want to do some research on this: 1. click on DOD URL nt=defenselink&proxystylesheet=defenselink&ip=999. 999.999.999 2. right mouse click and view source 3. find commercial URL embedded in code. this shows that DOD is presently susceptible to outside influence. image can be changed to NEWS access=p&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&client=defense link&proxystylesheet=defenselink&ip=999.999.999.99 9 BUT WORSE: imagine if an enemy state modified the page . . . hope this is useful"

Submission + - Safeguards Set for RIAA Hard Drive Inspection

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In SONY v. Arellanes, an RIAA case in Sherman, Texas, the Court entered a protective order (pdf), which spells out the following procedure for the RIAA's examination of the defendant's hard drive: (1) RIAA imaging specialist makes mirror image of hard drive; (2) mutually acceptable computer forensics expert makes make 2 verified bit images, and creates an MD5 or equivalent hash code; (3) one mirror image is held in escrow by the expert, the other given to defendant's lawyer for a 'privilege review'; (4) defendant's lawyer provides plaintiffs' lawyer with a "privilege log" (list of privileged files); (5) after privilege questions are resolved, the escrowed image — with privileged files deleted — will be turned over to RIAA lawyers, to be held for 'lawyers' eyes only'. The order differs from the earlier order (pdf) entered in the case, in that it (a) permits the RIAA's own imaging person to make the initial mirror image and (b) spells out the details of the method for safeguarding privilege and privacy."

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