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Comment Re:What degree do you have? (Score 1) 474

Well....I started out as a Help Desk Monkey myself and am now In global Infrastructure - it's taken a whil eto get there but I can give you a few keys to the kingdom...

First off, never complain about the position you are currently in. When talking to anyone whether inside or outside the company - complaints about your role - devalues your own role therefore it devaules you. To improve your role and to improve the opinions of those around you - only stress the good points of the role and thework you are doing. Also, toot your own horn - if your dealing with difficult probles and you find solutions let it be known YOU did it. Email off the manager and cc: his boss (depending on the type of organization). this will increase your visbility.

Second, look for ways to expand upon your own set of responsibilities. I hate to say it but the people who jump in and start working (not volunteer) are the ones who tendto get lookeda t first in the promotion department. Its shows you have initiative and your willingness to expand upon current sets of responsibilities. You do however, have to make sure you do not neglect your first set of responsibilities and ensure they remain top notch.

Third, Education is always important, however, it really depends on the company and the value they place oneducation beyond the initial hire. An example of this, the current company I work for values your contribution beyond the intial hire and education is only secondary to ability to perform. Performance, experience, and value add are what employers value the most. Any way you can find to stream line or reduce cost to save money (especially to the bottom line)gets you noticed alot faster. I have people who have their masters who I still have to tell how to do their job. But again, Education can never be taken away from you so there is always a value.

Fourth, get diversified. The more diversified your skill set the more valuable you are. If you are getting a masters - get your masters in something other than IT but is complimentary (like some engineering discipline). Gain knowledge in as many programming languages (if you want to program) and / or operating systems as possible. Unless you want to specialize but that limits mobility and pigeon holes you to particular roles. In IT the more diversified you are education and knowledge wise the further you will go and the faster.

Lastly, In even the worst economies the job market is open to those who have the skills and track record of accomplishments to prove it. Keeping notes of projects that save money, increase efficiency, reduce total overall cost, etc...that is what you want toinclude on your resume. Do not emblish and be sure it is verifable in some way. Do not be afraid to search out companies and call them to get your foot into the position you want. Its ok to inquire of companies that do not have direct posting's because some companies do not necessarily list them. But again it is the persistance at which you pursue your endevours that is going to make you attractive to employers.

So like other posters have said, clearly define what you are seeking and begin to expand yourself in those ways. Also, be careful what you ask for because you may just get it - and - that is not always what you think. One last piece of advice - remember money is not everything - find something you love to do and do it exceptionally because when you do - the money will follow.

Good Luck


Submission + - Launches Publisher-Run eBookstore (

Miracle Jones writes: "The ubiquitous science-fiction-and-fantasy imprint "Tor" has launched an online bookstore that will be open to all publishers in order to compete with Amazon and Google. The Tor Store will sell paperbacks, comics, hardbacks, and ebooks to the last people left who take literature seriously: anti-authoritarian science fiction and fantasy obsessives. Right now, the store is offering 45,000 or so titles, with many more to come as publishers take advantage of Tor's clearinghouse for all things fantastic and imaginative."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - SPAM: FCC flubs wireless services complaints

coondoggie writes: "The Federal Communications Commission has a lot of work to do when it comes to regulating the burgeoning wireless industry. For example, in 2008 of the 430,000 informal complaints it got from consumers, more than19,000 were directly related to wireless carriers services. But it is how the FCC handles, or doesn't handle in many cases, those complaints that has overseers more than a little concerned. In a preliminary look at the FCC and the wireless industry, the Government Accountability Office said today that the FCC has not articulated goals that clearly identify intended outcomes of its efforts to address consumer complaints and lacks measures to demonstrate how well it is achieving intended outcomes. For example, FCC has a goal to "improve customer experience" with its call centers and Web site, through which consumers submit complaints, but lacks measures of customer experience. [spam URL stripped]"
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Submission + - Microsoft Backtracks, Extends XP For OEMs To 2011 (

CWmike writes: "Just hours after a noted research analyst criticized Microsoft's plans to limit sales of Windows XP PCs, the company said it would extend the aged operating system's lifespan in the post-Windows 7 world to as late as April 2011. On Tuesday, Michael Silver of Gartner blasted the company's decision, saying it would make it more difficult for companies to manage their PCs, and more expensive to upgrade them to Windows 7 down the road. Microsoft's new policy: 'Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate customers will have the option to downgrade to Windows XP Professional from PCs that ship within 18 months following the general availability of Windows 7 or until the release of a Windows 7 service pack, whichever is sooner, and if a service pack is developed,' a company spokeswoman said in an e-mail. 'This is good,' said Silver. '[But] still not great.' His concern is over the 'out' Microsoft gave itself. 'The new policy is 18 months or SP1 delivery, whichever is sooner,' he said. 'It means that if SP1 shows up in six or eight months, the date suddenly moves in.'"

Comment Re:Bad economics (Score 1) 809

I really just wanted to read the discussion and not get involved - but one comment I have not seen is simply this:

Any "Stimulus" from money being spent is going to have 0 impact on the US or the creation of US jobs.

Let's face facts here people - unless the money is spent on "American produced goods and services" the money will go everywhere other than the US.

For example: John Q. Public runs on down to Walmart and says, "Geez that there TV and blueray player looks good - Im gonna buy that with this here stimulus check" Where did the money go?

China, Korea, Japan, etc...

So let's face it - People don't think. You want a stimulus package that creates jobs and boosts America's economy - Hand out a voucher only redeemable at "X" American companies (not an American Subsidiary of X Global Company or better still - MADE, PRODUCED, DELIVERED, CREATED in the U.S. of A.). Forget handing out the cash, otherwise your stimulating someone else's economy.

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