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Comment Re:Don't see the problem (Score 2) 400

It would be nice to think that Apple was somehow concerned with users privacy but the evidence is to the contrary as Snowden showed they are in it for the money. The information and access the feds are looking for is something they want to be reimbursed for. Usage data and access is seen as the next big thing by everyone in tech which is why they are all getting into the act.

Comment What, is it bonus time again? (Score 2) 218

The Neo Con shuffle 1. Use quid-pro quo with connections to get into the board or at least an executive gig at a tech company. 2. Outsource as much as possible to (incompetent) head shops. 3. Layoff everybody you can. 4. Reap the rewards!, pay yourself and other executives/board members huge bonuses! 5. As the company begins to sink see step 1.

Comment It's about control (Score 1) 166

Most of the time philanthropy is a good thing, money goes to where it is needed. Since the 90's some of it is about tax payer funding through tax deductions and break granted to wealthy doners who use their philanthropy to influence and many case outright control an industry or market.

Comment Re:Cognitive Dissonance (Score 1) 166

They will not be software engineers they will be asking folks if the want fires with that. One of the many fails with outsourcing and H1B is that after destroying an industry the visa people can go home and outsource slave shops can just lay off. Regardless, the cost of living will make sure they kill off any interest inworking in an industry they target in the US.

Comment Plainly stupid (Score 2) 795

BillWG in his greed is trying to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Look at the state of CS at US universities. CS has gone from being a major pillar of many universities back to nothing but a math curiosity. Who would want to spend 60k on getting a degree so you could struggle against some foreign worker with made up credentials to be paid less then most executive assistants. If the politicians don't do anything about the visa abuse and rein in outsourcing you can kiss IT goodbye in the US.

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