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Comment Guidance given / Your decision (Score 1) 435

So, I read thru about 75% of the answers that were offered and I agree with pretty much all of them. The real question is, how much do YOU feel comfortable telling them?
This really boils down to your outlook on life and the reality of the present.

I personally do not give out salary history:
-it's none of their business, it has no bearing whatsoever on any work I may be hired for
          : I may be looking for more of a reasonable worklife balance and willing to accept less :maybe I've recently come into a lot of money and willing to work less hard for less money :I actually work for a state agency right now where I am paid at LEAST 30-40% LESS than private sector (the average being 50%, $50k vs $75k), and believe me the benefits are not all that it is cracked up to be.
                        should I really have to hear that stupid question from a recruiter "What makes you think you are worth 50% more?" gee, I dunno, market forces? maybe you should ask your CEO who is making $5mil/yr and has a contract with guaranteed minimum 10% increases?"

                      regardless of the above, is it any of their damn business? NO

-do not lie about your salary history :yes, it can be grounds for dismissal. although you could make the argument that statement was made prior to hiring you so does not apply. still.... :tell them your prior company had an NDA or similar regarding salaries. many companies do have this :if you want to be an ass about it (they started it), ask them how much they make :leave the fields blank
                      this one is for you HR types, I know how you score applications and resumes. No answer, points off; mis-spelled answer, points off; answers put into the wrong field, points off; this is how many paper-pushers (SPHR) justify their jobs when in reality they don't know squat about combing through the resumes

(digression: I had to sort thru 30 state applications to fill a position, even if they were over-Qualified I still had to include them in my interview rounds. out of 5 interviews, I had:
- 1 (average-qual) no-show/no-callback
- 1 (highly-qual'd) who found out some more info and then politely called back to cancel the interview
- 1 (average-qual) who couldn't tell me about any of his experience except "I've got lots of experience! ho ho ho!"
- 1 (above-avg qual) tele-conference interview who took control of the interview reading off all the questions and his responses
- 1 (basically-qual'd) tech who actually showed up with a good attitude if a bit short on some of the experience we needed

Guess which one I hired? and his was the very last app submitted just under the deadline. and I have had no regrets hiring him in the last 3 years.)

-I've had companies ask for credit scores and consumer reviews :for what reason? my job has NOTHING to do with handling money or the financials system :if you don't supply it, we can't arrange an interview
                      really? please sign this document right here that says my personal data will be locked up tight (destroyed, if not hired) and that your company will be personally responsible for any data breach that results in my personal data being spread across the Internet because you certainly don't need it if I'm not hired. .... oh, you won't? and you expect me to work for YOUR company? .... you will now hand back all the paperwork I gave when applying for this position

You are the one who is going to have to decide how much data to share. Is it worth not getting that job? I mean, in the midst of an economic depression (circa 2005-2010, when tech jobs were few and far between) will you have enough to pay the mortgage, feed the family, hold onto what you have? What lengths are you willing to goto to hold onto your self-respect and take care of your responsibilities?
You need to examine what you are willing to give up and, at certain times, it may be less or more depending on your circumstances.

Comment Focused Inbox? (Score 0) 99

it's a turd. if you have multiple email inboxes, not a single one of them can be primary, even though that was the way the old Hotmail app worked. you either have "ALL email" or "Focused Inbox". I don't want a fucking Focused Inbox, I want the software to do what I goddamn tell it to.

I have an Android phone and I kept tearing M$ support a new asshole everytime they wanted my opinion on the Outlook app. At one point they actually invited me to be a Beta tester, I said "Why should I test drive your shit for free?" . And it was shit, it really was. Because the name of the Beta was dogfood, and I had told them weeks before that their micro-cephalic developers didn't even eat their own dogfood. I told them the name of the Beta was perfect because what comes out at the other end? DOGSHIT! just like any product that M$ developers work on!

I think Leo Getz said it best:

Leo Getz: They FUCK YOU at the drive-thru, okay? They FUCK YOU at the drive-thru! They know you're gonna be miles away before you find out you got fucked! They know you're not gonna turn around and go back, they don't care. So who gets fucked? Ol' Leo Getz! Okay, sure! I don't give a fuck! I'm not eating this tuna, okay?

Leo Getz: They fuck you with cell phones. That's what it is. They're fuckin' you with the cell phone. They love it when you get cut off. Y'know why, huh? You know why? 'Cause when you call back - -which they know you're gonna do. - -they charge you for that fuckin' first minute again at that high rate.

Leo Getz: They fuck ya, they fuck ya, they fuck ya! (he was probably talking about Microshit here)

Comment Re:or Brazil (Score 1) 1365

"In fact very little SF would be SF because most of the "science" in Science Fiction is inaccurate and thus not actually science"

ummm, not quite true. nobody ever said the science in SF ever had to be accurate to be science. in many cases in order to make the story seem possible/plausible you have to come up with a whole new technology that doesn't even exist (dilithium crystlas, anyone?) but that has a coherent structure to make it seem possible.

so are you saying that unless it has "real science" it's not worth reading or watching? so you don't think Star Trek or number of other SF movies are SF because you can't accept the premise of an unknown science that has yet to be discovered or a way found to exploit it?

Comment Nobody ever buys a company and leaves it alone? (Score 1) 135

"It's like, thanks for everything you did in the 20th century, but you're being bought by a search engine," said Roger Entner, a telecommunications industry analyst and founder of Recon Analytics, a market research firm. He added, "Nobody ever buys a company and leaves it alone."

oh really? Warren Buffett would be very interested to hear that.

but then again, those who can, do; those who can't.....criticize those who can

Comment Blind luck? (Score 1) 209

As others pointed out,

"This is absolutely brilliant because it tracks what the stock market is actually driven by, personal opinion"

"The market itself is just the result of the combined emotional responses of investors"

having gained and lost $250k in the stock market myself in the go-go days, I can look back with 20/20 hindsight and can categorically state that the market is just the herd instinct. Remember the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykrody 1983 movie "Trading Places"? remember how the Duke brothers tried to corner the orange juice market? and then the other traders in the pit said "hey, let's get in on that action!"

from wikipedia:
"The story about the Dukes' cornering of the orange juice market was probably inspired by the "Silver Thursday" market crash of 27 March 1980, during which the Hunt brothers of Texas tried to corner the silver market and subsequently failed to meet a $100 million margin call."

since they are tracking the herd mentality via social media, they will probably have more winning averages than not. time to take a closer look at their business model.

Comment Re:computers and health care (Score 1) 142

I've had some medical issues and work as an IT troubleshooter by profession, so I think I know when to suspect that someone is throwing me a line of bullshit, whether it be computer or user. In the case of a medical practitioner, I have found a few doctors (over 20 yrs experience) who try to bullshit me with a potential line about what they think the cause of my medical problem is or what the solution may be.

What it boils down to is that doctors are NOT omniscient. Just like us IT troubleshooters who do a lot of diagnosing of IT problems based on past experience, suspicions, and gut feelings, doctors do the same. They use their clinical training, their past experience to arrive at a PROBABLE DIAGNOSIS that is then usually borne out by any tests that may need to be performed.

With a pinched nerve and ruptured vertebra disc in my neck causing me major pain, one surgeon swore up and down that I _HAD_ to have a spinal fusion. Took his word for it. Spoke with my father about it who told me to get a second opinion....glad I did. The 2nd surgeon was a bit upset that #1 surgeon didn't try anything else prior to recommending surgery, so we did therapy first and then steroid shots (which resolved the issue). Prior to the therapy/steroid shot, I was sitting next to the anesthesiologist while my wife gave birth via C-section who noticed my twisted neck and painful expression (I was supposed to get the steroid shot that morning but my wife decided to go into labor instead ). He asked my story, I told him and named the doctor. His comment? "Yeah, I've heard that he [the surgeon] is surgery happy"......greeeeeeat......

Before the whole thing even started, my Primary Care Provider said "it's probably just a pulled muscle" (painful and sore all the time). Asked for x-rays, refused. Demanded them, got them. First comment from PCP was "Wow! You have HUGE bone spurs". Sent me to Physical Therapy. After 6 sessions of weekly therapy with little relief, therapist says "I don't think you have a pulled muscle, I think you have a pinched nerve or disc problem". Back to the PCP, who said "Well, they're just a PT, they're probably wrong." After 1st experience with PCP with x-rays, demanded a referral to a spinal specialist. You've already seen my story about him in the preceding paragraph.

Long story short - doctors are not god, hold them accountable. they are only as good as GIGO, and if they don't keep up with all the changes in their chosen field or open to using the most conservative treatment possible, then they are worse than useless, even dangerous.

And, mind you, there were "experienced clinicians"

Comment Not surprised.... (Score 1) 220

I got two G1's about 16 months ago for free. When the wife's touch screen died, I called several cell phone repair stores and got a 100% response ratio of "Android phones (all of them, not just the G1's) are too hard to work on". The prices quoted made it cheaper for me to buy a used working cell phone than get it repaired, and the store owners agreed. They couldn't even guarantee that the touchscreen would work if replaced and advised me that it could be a 50-50 chance the repair wouldn't work and I'd still have to pay them.

Since then, I've been having second thoughts about getting another Android phone when my current contract runs out.

Comment What To Do if Mafia Caught Dumping Nuclear Waste.. (Score 1) 138

Since the mafia and their ilk don't give a crap about how they dispose of it, I say make the punishment fit the crime. Make them live in it.

That's right, make them build their own houses of nuclear waste mixed with concrete, make them shower with radiation-tainted water, make them grow their own food in radiation-fouled soil. We'll see how fast they get out of the nuclear waste market.

Comment Not enough engineers? BS! (Score 1) 651

How many engineers born here in this country do you know that can't get a job? There's too much competition from the H1B's they bring over from India/Pakistan.

I had a revelation the other day. I was in my carpool, driving our daily 100mile commute with the two other guys (who are both from India. I'm white and born here) and we were talking shop about different companies we used to work for. I mentioned how surprised I had been that a certain consulting company from India had so many Indians at one of my prior companies I worked for.

Much to my surprise, both of my carpool buddies had nothing nice to say about This Crappy Solution company (TCS, aka Tata) and both told me that TCS holds down wages even for them (they're direct hires, not H1B's) here in this country. They estimated that if TCS was forced out and H1B allotments were cut, they could make at least 30-50% more. They're both from India, over 40yrs old, been in this country for about 10-12 years.

Hell, when you've got the people from over there telling me how TCS pays it's consultant about half of what they would make here, it's time to really start checking to see where the politician is getting his kickbacks from and dig those skeletons out of their closets.

Comment Re:Common Number (Score 1) 619

Problem NOT solved. What if you end up getting an account with the same company that sent you the wrong email? You just screwed yourself by blocking and auto-deleting.

The IDEAL SOLUTION would be for gmail/hotmail/yahoo/whatever to have a button just like the spam button that would then return the email to the sender as BOUNCED address email. You could make that decision. Spammers like to have current valid email address lists to sell to others, and if it bounces back as BAD, then not only will they remove it from the list, you've cut off that spammer. They don't really know if your email address is valid or not.

But wait, you say, then the spammers will never cut addresses off the list. Really? When all those returned emails start hitting THEIR email server and THEY have to process it, how happy do you think they will be? And even if they auto-delete, it will still be flodding their pipe to the Internet which slows down their whole operation, which will make them spend more of their own money to get another OC3 to flood spam which will get bounced back...... are you starting to see the point here? and even if they have buckets of money to spend on that, how happy do you think their pipe provider is gonna be that they are maxing out the pipe and causing a burden on THEIR network?

anyone care to point out the flaw in my logic?

Comment Re:Inside vs. outside sales (Score 1) 331

having resorted to selling cars during the bad dotbomb days (hated doing it but it put food on the table), I can assure you that many old car salesman lie. Their financial interests lie in direct opposition to yours. And if you think a car salesman makes money, think again. The pay structure usually goes like this:

experienced salesman (2yrs and up) - $30,000 on up

car sales manager - $100,000 on up

dealer manager - $200,000 and up

finance department - somewhere in between the salesman and sales manager (still a lot of money)

The reason a car sales manager is picked to be one is because he has shown the ability make sales, regardless of how he gets it done. He could lie, cheat, steal, rob the customer, and 99% of most dealers won't care, as long as he is bringing in revenue. The dealership makes money on every single piece of the deal. They make money on: the trade-in, the new car, the financing, accessories, new car warranties, manufacturer incentives, sales goals, and more.

I worked for one dealership where 2 guys had been selling cars for over 25 yrs apiece. They didn't even break a sweat greeting customers, didn't have to. They had so many repeat customers from clientele they built up over the years.....they sold over 30 cars a month each. They may have been minimum deals but with sales spiffs and bonuses, they were each pulling down at least $5-6,000/month each.

And if you think car salesman are bad, wait until you get to the people who sell financial products! Some of those guys can make as much as Wall Street financial types if they hustle.

The ONLY company I know have that does not commission its salespeople is USAA. But, then again, they are a special case with a specialized culture from serving a specific clientele.

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