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Comment Re:How did it form an atmosphere? (Score 1) 98

It probably had a magnetic field in the long distant past. I am no geologist, but assume many of the same elements are on Mars as Earth; however Earth is much denser. Olympus Mons is about 14 miles high. Something was hot liquid billions of years ago, and if there were metallic ores, would have generated a magnetic field for at least a little while.

Comment 25 years = da best! (Score 1) 79

Being in print for 25 years means it's got most single-platform computer magazines beat.
The Chicago Cubs have been around since circa 1876, and last won a world series in 1908.... guess that makes them the single best baseball team ever.

PC World started in 83, Byte in the mid 70s, CGW in 81, and countless others on this list, let alone those local published underground ones for BBS's

Comment Re:My impression of the Final Fantasy series (Score 1) 401

Well said! I pretty much stopped playing them after VII. VIII didn't play for more than an hour either, and then watched my brother with IX periodically. Have found myself playing the NES original as well as the SNES 2, 3/6 over on the emulator though again. VII deserved a true sequel, or could have ended on the first CD and continued from there. Not some CGI movie sequel or some off shoot Vincent game.

Comment Profit By Blaming 1% of Abusers (Score 1) 306

From Eathlink's own site:

Excessive users consume so much data that their data usage could negatively impact the service for other customers. In order to clarify excessive use, Comcast established a 250 GB monthly data usage cap for residential Comcast Internet access accounts. Based on its analysis of customer data usage, Comcast determined that more than 99% of their residential customers would not be impacted by this Usage Cap.

So 99% of customers are penalized without knowing it, however most won't come near this cap. But what about customers who play online games left and right, watch youtube, have shit like Steam constantly downloading updates for their games (if they don't turn that off). Staying in the gaming realm for a second, when Steam did the first CoD:MW2 free weekend, it was a cluster fuck of preloading, then having to re-download again. Compared to 250gb, the reloads would be a small % but some people on the Steam/Valve forums did complain about Comcast caps on trying to reload the game again,

EarthLink initiated the 250 GB monthly Usage Cap on July 1, 2010.

Guess they have Dr. Emmett Brown in a DeLorean.

The customer service representative on this telephone call will (i) tell you how much data per month the account has used, (ii) help you identify the source of excessive use, (iii) explain ways to moderate and reduce your data usage

No more 2girls1cup replays!

Comment Re:Evolve or die..... (Score 1) 420


Hasn't this been the trend for the past 10 years? I live in NJ, and had been working in NYC before the stimulus kicked in... However even before taking the train each morning, I would access the local newspaper in my area online for free, read what I wanted to, and then drive over to the train station. I would buy myself a NY Daily News, mostly for the sports section and that was that. During a few quick breaks in the office, going over to the web sites of the same publications, I wouldn't need an evening edition to read.

Almost without RSS feeds, I wouldnt need to click on /. , dailytech, or others. So isn't RSS kinda doing the same thing?

Comment Re:Original fallout team (Score 1) 254

True it was sci-fi nerd stuff, but was entertaining too. The most you got out of anyone you talked to in Fallout 3 was an over abundance of F bombs. Granted I like seeing cursing in games and all, but it was way over done.

Also little side things were missing such as being a boxer, joining the various mafia crews in New Reno (or whatever city it was I cant think off the top of my head). Banging not only the one guy's wife but his daughter and if caught had the shotgun wedding.

Sure in 3 you could join the vampires, smugglers etc, but at a cost. Like I said I think after 10 years part 3 was enjoyable, outside of my issues of lock ups before using nHancer to help (and I run a rather high end rig). Alaska was fun too, and I will be checking out Pitt soon.

I guess what it comes down to is I miss the older games. Whether it is the 2 Fallouts, or even Lucasart's adventure games such as Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, etc, and even the old Tex Murphy games.

Comment Re:Original fallout team (Score 4, Interesting) 254

I totally agree, although I sort of liked Fallout 3 , I still felt like I was playing Oblivion or FPS games. The quests were ok for the most part, but lacked the obscure humor that made Fallout and F2 so much fun.

Also the original two seemed more like being in a bleak unforgiving world, Fallout 3 didnt give me that at all. You sometimes could run around for 5+ minutes and not encounter an enemy. At least the travel menu in the originals you would encounter enemies. The companions did not impress me.... I hope with some of the original team, they can make a modernized game which pays homage to the originals much better this time around.



Toshiba Making Funeral Plans for HD DVD 452

Blue Light Special writes "With HD DVD on life support, Toshiba is reportedly preparing to bow to the inevitable and allow HD DVD to expire quietly. 'While denying that a decision on the fate of HD DVD has been made, a Toshiba marketing exec left the door wide open. "Given the market developments in the past month, Toshiba will continue to study the market impact and the value proposition for consumers, particularly in light of our recent price reductions on all HD DVD players," Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products, said.'" A few folks have also noted that Wal-mart is joining the Blu-ray train, further lowering the stock of HD DVD.

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