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Comment Re:Accountability ? (Score 4, Interesting) 178

... are we finally going to see some serious investigations and accountability for this current administration?

I'm not holding my breath. On the one hand, the party in power generally prioritizes the things it wants to get done over the things it would like to see punished. On the other hand, if you dig too deeply into anything in Washington, you're going to find wrongdoing on both sides. And on the other other hand, presidents don't generally act to limit their own power.

There may actually be an opportunity here to break the back of the Repbulican party, but it's not clear that that would benefit the Democrats. The timesharing arrangement they've got going now seems to work out pretty well for them. How much do you think they want to face a wave of conservative activists energized to build a new party?

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Dynamic Keyboard Layout Changers

Howard Dews writes: "NST has just posted an interesting write-up regarding the difficulties of changing keyboard layouts for those amongst us that don't like QWERTY — and an innovative way of addressing it:

Imagine a keyboard with a scroller on the side with a little analog screen next to it. You can scroll to the layout you want and type — no BS involved. Even better, imagine a tiny cylinder that sits between your USB port and the Keyboard — with a scroller on it. It can (on the fly, of course) intercept outgoing scan codes from the keyboard and replace them with the right thing according to the layout you selected
I wonder how long it'll take before someone takes this idea and flies with it....."

Submission + - Chinese Cyber Attacks on DOD Networks

Anonymous Coward writes: "As seen in: SANS NewsBites Vol. 9 Num. 14 The Naval Network Warfare Command says Chinese hackers are relentlessly targeting Defense Department networks with cyber attacks. The "volume, proficiency and sophistication" of the attacks supports the theory that the attacks are government supported. The "motives [of the attacks emanating from China] ... include technology theft, intelligence gathering, exfiltration, research on DOD operations and the creation of dormant presences in DOD network for future action." http://www.fcw.com/article97658-02-13-07-Web&print Layout"

Submission + - Open Source Biometric Punch Clock Solution?

Punch-Drunk Slob writes: I have a project coming up that involves coming up with a solution for an employee time-in/time-out system. Instead of the usual web-based system, such as Enterprise Payroll Systems (http://epayroll.sourceforge.net/), I would like to try out something more "cutting edge" — using biometrics. Basically I just need a simple fingerprint scanner that can be connected via USB (or similar), and leave everything up to software. Are there any existing open source software that fits my requirements?

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