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Submission + - DomainDirect email service down for almost a week

Threemoons writes: "Since Monday afternoon, DomainDirect (vanity hosting service affiliated with Tucows) has been having complete and total e-mail outages. While smaller outages are nothing new for them--I myself have unanswered tickets from this past August and April--this is a new (low) record for them. Read their mealy-mouthed excuses and a super-special videotaped apology (which pretty much says "we used some bad hardware that we knew was bad but now we're forced to fix it I guess") over here. What galls me the most is that they kept giving ETAs that they then rolled back. Now, they act as if changing hosts is an easy business--I have gotten "if you think we suck, leave" messages from Customer Service before. This time I actually may. I have a critical business email account with them, and about 8 domains parked with them as well. I am about to (alas) embark on another job hunt, and I can't have a full business week of downtime. Of course, any alternative providers suggested in the comments would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, note that DomainDirect did away with the "comments" feature of its "news page" some time ago. So, please let me take this opportunity to say here:

Dear Domain Direct: You SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Srsly. Ross: Please keep your mealy-mouthed posts to a minimum and just fix the damn system already. KTHXBYE."

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