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Comment Re:2.0 eh? (Score 1) 302

Yellowcbs is good, but that actually describes the service somewhat, which is a 2.0 no-no. Calling them RedSpring or BlueLamp would be better, or hell, just name it after a mountain in Scotland that half your userbase will mispronounce. I suppose you could go with yel.lowca.bz if you have to, but that's so yes.terd.ae.

Just remember, whatever you call it, it has to be in Beta and stay there, or else it won't be credible. Finished software is too edgy to be mainstream.

Comment Re:Ummmm (Score 1) 769

If they can't afford to make it commercially viable on their own, they shouldn't look to do it on the taxpayer dime.

Right, because subsidies will destroy the American free market. Now tell me, what's your opinion on food prices?

Comment Re:If only... (Score 3, Insightful) 437

Firstly, what the hell is a webmaster? What is this, 1998?

Secondly, apparently you've been too busy bashing Flash to actually pay attention to how far it has come. Flash these days requires actual code, and is not something Joe GeoCities can just pick up and use anymore. AS3 is a massive and mature language at this point. gotoAndPlay() is not exactly a cornerstone function anymore. Google a little app called Spatialkey, and tell me with a straight face if you think it's little more than a badly keyframed splash screen.

Thirdly, if Adobe were in it just for the money, they'd have given *nix systems the finger a long time ago. Yes, they're in it for money, they're a corporation before anything else. But they're doing a much better job than Microsoft would even dream of doing, and they work hard to keep the devs that use their products in the loop, constantly consuming feedback to improve their product.

And I'm not even an Adobe rep, I just happen to make a good living using Flex to make some great apps that would never fly using anything else.

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